Grosseto, Italy

Grosseto, also known as Maremma, Italy is a city in the Tuscany region of Italy. It has always been one of the least populated places in Italy with many wide open spaces. Grosseto is characterized by a diverse landscape with everything from dense forests, to olive groves, wheat plains, hot springs, and the most breathtaking coast in the region. Ancient and medieval architecture give clues to the rich history of Grosseto’s past.

Grossetto’s past can be traced all the way back to 7th century B.C. and the Estrucan civilization. Written history tells us that in 803 AD, the city was part of the Counts of Aldobrandeschi’s territory and this was true until the 1100s. In the 1300s the Sienese controlled the region. In 1348 pestilence struck, and the city was ravaged many times over the years by enemies; both of which greatly reduced the population. In the 1500s Charles V gave the territory over to Grand Duke, Cosimo I de Medici of Tuscany. It was during this time period that the wall around the city was built. This defensive wall still stands today along with many other ancient structures.

Grosetto, Tuscany, ItalyAlong with the ancient city walls and its two impressive gates, other attractions in Grosseto include the Cathedral; many churches, abbeys, palaces and theaters. Construction of the Cathedral of Grosseto began in the 13th century but was rebuilt in the 1800s in a neo-gothic style. Inside the cathedral, the most significant artwork is the baptismal font and an altar, both dating back to the 1400s. The Palazzo Aldobrandesch is another neo-gothic building which was also rebuilt in the 1800s. The tiny town of Roselle, which was once a part of Grosseto, is the perfect place to view ancient ruins which date back to the Estrucan period. Roman roads, cyclopean walls, sulfur baths and mosaics are some of the amazing sights that will take you back in time.

For those who would like to experience the current culture, the weekly food markets are ideal for getting a feel for the lifestyle of the residents of Grosseto. Fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, olive oil and the local wine are available almost everywhere. Grosseto also has many great restaurants where you can experience international and regional dishes.

If you are taking a trip to Italy, Grosseto is a town that offers much in the way of coastal beauty, amazing historical sights and a unique culture–all waiting to be experienced by you.


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