Greve, Italy

Where is Greve, Italy? Deep within the province of Tuscany, lies Greve, Italy or as it is most recently called, Greve in Chianti. Located just 31k south of Florence, the city is known for the Chianti wine it exports, as well as the delicious olive oil and foods that make Tuscany the destination of many tourists who enjoy lovely scenery, delicious food and hearty wine.

It is located in the Val di Greve and named for the flowing river; Greve is the main town in the district that is known for Chianti wine. Connected since ancient times to Rome and Florence, its farmers and traders had easy access to sell their goods, and the town thrived. It was settled before the 11th century, when an monastic settlement was begun on a hill nearby called San Francesco. Later settlement became more widespread in the 13th and 14th centuries, and in the 15th century the Franciscans established a monastery in Greve.

City Hall , Greve, ItalyWithin the old part of the city, the Franciscan monastery is one of the sites that visitors enjoy, as well as the triangular piazza, known for its fabulous marketplace since ancient times. Other well known sites around the piazza include the Chiesa Santa Croce, a medieval building, which before burning down, was originally built in the 11th century. Rebuilt, it now has a facade in the neo-classic style and is home to a large selection of paintings from the school of the artist, Fra Angelico. Nearby in the piazza is a statue of Giovanni da Verrazzano, the explorer who navigated North America, and for whom the Verrazzano Bridge in New York is named. The piazza presently hosts restaurants and shops, where one can people watch, as well as visit historic landmarks. Nearby Montefioralle has the flavor of a medieval village, fantastic views, and the church of Santa Stefano, with a Madonna and Child painting from the 13th century.

Visiting Greve in Chianti is a chance to take a tour of the area, by bicycle or walking, exploring the majestic rolling hills of the region, as well as enjoying wine tasting and hearing stories of the area’s agricultural tradition. More chances to explore the food of the area are right within the piazza, with wine tasting and olive oil tasting, as well as local cuisine available from the assortment of restaurants located there. If you love villas, a visit to Vignamaggio is the call: It is a Renaissance villa which was the site of a film, Much Ado About Nothing, and is part of a wine estate and gardens.

With lots of wine tasting and flavorful fresh Italian food, Greve in Chianti is a wine and food lovers choice in the Tuscany province and will enchant and delight. One can even take cooking classes there and repeat the dishes savored in Greve when they return home.


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