Greenwich, London, England

Greenwich, London, England is a locality that is located in southeast London, England. It is situated on the south bank of River Thames. The city originated with the Saxons and was named the green village. It was the site of the Palace of Placentia from the 15th century and was the birthplace of Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. In 1873, the buildings of the rebuilt palace became the Royal Naval College. In 1998, the buildings became a part of the Greenwich Foundation. The historic rooms are open for public viewing and Trinity College of Music and the University of Greenwich use other buildings of the palace. Greenwich is well known for astronomy and the Asteroid 2830 was named Greenwich because it is home to the Royal Greenwich Observatory.
Greenwich Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London
Greenwich is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and was given the designation in 1997 for its historic buildings and architecture. The Old Royal Naval College is at the centre of the site and it explains the history of the city as a maritime centre and residence for royalty.

There are a variety of sites of interest located in Greenwich. The riverfront includes the dry dock preservation of a clipper ship called the Cutty Sark. The entrance to the Greenwich foot tunnel that was opened in 1902 is located near the site of the Cutty Sark. The tunnel connects Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs.

Greenwich is the most known for its maritime history and the National Maritime Museum is located within in the city in the former building of the Royal Hospital School.

Greenwich Park is a Royal Park that is located in the southern park of the city. It was formed from the hunting grounds of the Palace of Placentia and is 183 acres. The park includes historical buildings such as the former Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The Prime Meridian passes through the observatory and Greenwich Mean Time was originally based on observations at the building. The town centre of Greenwich is dominated by Victorian and Georgian architecture.

The town centre’s oldest surviving building is the Trinity Hospital almshouse, which was founded in 1613. The centre also includes the Greenwich Cinema and Greenwich Market. The Fan Museum is the only museum in the world that is dedicated to fans. Greenwich Heritage Centre is run by the London Borough of Greenwich and includes local history. Alongside the river runs the Thames Path National Trail that is popular among many pedestrians and cyclists.

It was recently announced that the London Borough of Greenwich would become the fourth Royal Borough in 2012 due to its status as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, location of the Prime Meridian, and historical connections with the Royal Family.


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