Golden Jubilee Bridges, London


Spanning the River Thames are two impressive pedestrian bridges called the Golden Jubilee Bridges, London . They were appropriately named to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s monarchy in 2002. Before the Golden Jubilee Bridges were built, there were two other footbridges in the same place. They were named the Hungerford Bridges because they spanned the river on each side of the Hungerford Train Bridge.

These bridges are very attractive and a pleasant way to walk across the Thames River. The crossing is between the Waterloo Station/ South Bank Entertainment Complex and Charing Cross Station. The stroll across both bridges is 320 meters and they are more than 4 meters wide – definitely wider than the former footbridges. Even though the bridges needed to be built with high pylons, there are good viewpoints for taking photos.
Golden Jubile Bridges on the River Thames London
There are a number of interesting facts regarding the design and construction of the Golden Jubilee Bridges. During the 1990s, the need for new pedestrian bridges to replace the Hungerford Bridges was recognized.Golden Jubile Bridges River Thames London The Hungerford Bridges were old, narrow and not a very pleasant walkway. Competition began for design and construction. The competitors were instructed to keep the railroad bridge in operation during construction and also to be cautious of the WWll war implements that lie near the underground tunnel in the area. Great care was taken as these war divices could potentially explode.

As you walk across one of these bridges, you have a great view of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Going the other way offers a view of the London Eye. This feature is the world’s tallest moving wheel for observation. It is constructed of 32 glass capsules. From inside these capsules, on a sunny, clear day, you can sometimes see views for 25 miles. A “must do” for any serious tourist. The Royal Festival Hall can also be seen. From this bridge you can view Big Ben and other sights of Central London.

Near the bridges in the Embankment area, take a moment to enjoy the “street furniture.” You’ll see some interesting lamp posts and benches designed in very unique ways.


A walk across the Golden Jubilee Bridges is a different experience every time. Stroll across both bridges at different times of the day, in different kinds of weather and when you are in different moods. Try buying a tasty lunch and eating it on the bridge – a great way to take some time to rest and relax. These bridges are a wonderful addition to the many fascinating sights in London.



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