Gokarna, India

Gokarna, India is a holy town, small and remote and has four pristine and very secluded beaches. In equal measure one would find the party animal and the holy tourist flocking around this place.

Tourist travel to Gokarna, India undoubtedly for the beaches, a place to come and soak in the sun, roll in the sands and chill out with a beer in your hands for as long as you like, some tourists stay for months at a stretch. There are many temples around in Gokarna, since it is predominantly a Hindu town. However, non-Hindus aren’t allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum, but you can visit the place on the outside. The famous temple would be the “Mahabaleshwar Temple”; it has a mighty huge “lingam” of Lord Shiva. Another temple of fame would be the “Ganpati temple” which has huge chariots and carries the idol of Lord Shiva. While Shivratri is on during February and March, people throw bananas at the chariots carrying the deity to harness good luck.

The Pleasures of Being at Mystical Gokarna

Om beach Gokarna karnataka IndiaLocation: an hour from Goa, and a part of Karnataka. From Bangalore it takes you a 280km drive.

How to get there: from Goa you would have to touchdown at the Dabolim airport and drive four hours to reach Gokarna. By train one would have to alight at the Gokarna Road station. You can even drive down sixteen miles from Ankola and Kumata to reach Gokarna

What about the weather: From June to Late August, the southwest monsoons hit Gokarna and after that it is sunny and dry.

Best time to visit: The best time to check Gokarna out would be from early October until March end. The weather is pleasant and warm with an average temperature of thirty two degrees. The hottest months would be April and May.

Famous beaches:

  1. Kudle Beach,
  2. Om Beach,
  3. Halfmoon Beach,
  4. Paradise Beach.

Nightlife: Right from singing soirees to musical extravaganzas, bonfire nights to guitars on the beach and the sounding of the mystical drums, Gokarna has it all for the party animal. Plenty of beach parties happen. Remember, being a holy town, alcohol isn’t allowed, however a chilled beer is easy to find at the beach shacks. Surfing and swimming is only allowed with lifeguards around!!

Come join the fun and enjoy what the beaches of India have in store for you, if you need more help get in touch with ThrillophiliaAdventure Travel India!


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