Florida’s Forgotten Coast

Florida's Forgotten Coast is a quiet, little Florida Coastal Region that stretches from Mexico Beach in the Gulf of Mexico around to Carrabelle in Apalachee Bay. The Apalachicola Chamber of Commerce coined the named in the 1990s. This piece of coast is judged “forgotten” because it remains free of the coastline development that has commercialized the region. The Forgotten Coast is an untouched piece of Old Florida.

What Will You Find on the Forgotten Coast?

Preservation is the feature that makes the Forgotten Coast of Florida distinctive. The coast sits just 90 miles from the state capital of Tallahassee. To the northeast are Panama City and the Tydell Air Force Base. In between, travelers will find pristine white sand beaches, authentic marshlands, barrier islands and an abundance of indignant wild life.
St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, Florida's Forgotten Coast
The unassuming coastline plays host to ten wildlife refuges. Part of the charm of this area is the undisturbed nature. Supporters of the Forgotten Coast have worked to keep this area safe for many of the endangered species that call Florida home. Along this small piece of coastline sits two well-known natural life habitats – St. Marks Natural Wildlife Refuge and St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge. Tourists visiting the area will find a number of state parks that also offer protection to the wildlife of the Forgotten Coast including Wakulla State Forest and Bald Point State Park.

The Coastal Communities

The Forgotten Coast stretches across the Panhandle of Florida and houses a number of coastal communities that offer lodging, eclectic shops and restaurants to those touring the region. This area is home to small, port cities such as Port St. Joe and Cape San Blas. The downtown area of Port St. Joe has transitioned to another time. Sightseers can enjoy the authentic brickwork and old-fashioned lighting as they stroll from shop to shop. Travelers are free to experience any of the nine villages across the three counties on the coast.

And of Course There are Beaches

It is Florida after all. Guests in the area will find more than a few sugar-sand beaches on the Forgotten Coast – some of the most beautiful in Florida in fact. Mexico Beach, which sits just outside Panama City, offers fishing, swimming and surfing on the pristine white sands. The barrier island of St. George has one of the top 10 ranked beaches in the country.

No matter how you look at it, The Forgotten Coast of Florida is a little piece of the Sunshine State that travelers won’t want to miss.


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