Euston Railway Station, London

Euston Train Railway Station, London is a rail terminal that services over 71 million people each year. Located at Euston Road London NW1 2RT, the station is approximately five minutes east of Kings Cross.

The station was constructed and running since the inception of the Victorian Era in 1837. Unfortunately much of the original station was demolished by undergoing refurbishments during the1960’s. It was redesigned to a ‘Mod’ look with gray cemented slabs making the initial styling a faded memory. The only original sections that were left intact are two white-grey columns in Portland stone at the entranceways and a sculpture of the terminal’s chief engineer, Robert Stephenson.Euston Railway Station, London, England

In 2009, renovations were made in the outside piazza area. Unveiled in 1921 in the form of an obelisk, the War Memorial commemorates those who lost their lives in WWI and then WWII. The memorial was left unscathed. Today, Euston Train Station is managed by Network Rail. It was originally known as the ‘London to Birmingham Railway’.

Travelers to London will find The Eston Railway Station handles several rail lines, First ScotRail, London Midland, London Overground and Virgin Trains. Euston is the main provider of service to the west coast and north west sections of England and Scotland. Major destinations include: Birmingham, Crewe, Glasgow, Holyhead, Liverpool and Manchester

Work is slated in 2014 to begin a high speed rail network to Scotland and Manchester.

Visitors will also find convenient bus connections. Buses stop at the front of the train station and include the following numbered routes:10 Hammersmith, 18 Sudbury, 68 West Norwood, 253 Hackney Central Station and 476 Northumberland Park

Taxis are located outside the terminal.

The nearest underground station is Euston Square and include the following lines: Circle, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan.
Reach Heathrow Airport by taking the Circle line to Paddington Station and transferring to the Heathrow Express.

Dining options are mostly fast food and pubs. There is one first class lounge near the Food Court.

• AMT Coffee Lounge – platforms 14 & 15
• Burger King – platforms 6 & 7 and Main Concourse Food Court
• Delice de France – platforms 8 & 9 and Main Concourse Food Court
• Sloe Bar Café – platform 1
• The Pastry Shop –platforms 4 & 5
• Upper Crust –platform 7 & 8 and Main Concourse Food Court

Services available:

• Baggage consignment
• Currency exchange
• Lifts
• Lost and found
• Luggage Trolleys
• Restrooms
• Tourism office


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