English Channel

The English Channel, which separates the southern part of England from northern France, is a popular tourist destination with travelers from around the world. Visitors come to this area because of the vast number of historic and new sites this destination is known for. Many visitors travel by ferry down the English Channel so that they can easily reach a wide variety of cities, both in England and France, and also visit the channel's many islands.

Two of the top sites to visit on a trip to the English Channel in England are Brighton and Plymouth. Brighton is famous for its beaches and many visitors come to this city to enjoy a wide variety of water sports, like boating. In addition, there are a number of shops, restaurants and bars along the shoreline of Brighton making this a perfect vacation destination. Plymouth is another area along the English Channel that offers tons of activities for visitors. Some of the top sites in Plymouth include the historic Theatre Royal and the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery which is filled with famous and lesser known artists works.Rocky coast in Guernsey island, English Channel, Europe

There are also a number of fabulous French sites for travelers along the English Channel, like Le Havre and Boulogne-sur-Mer. Lovers of history can't go wrong with a trip to Le Havre. The area is famed for awe inspiring destinations like Le Havre Cathedral and the Musée d'histoire naturelle. Travelers along the English Channel also won't want to miss out on Boulogne-sur-Mer. This city is home to many famed landmarks including the Cathedral basilica of Notre-Dame and some newer attractions like the ever popular Nausicaā Centre National de la Mer, one of the largest aquariums in all of Europe.

A trip along the English Channel wouldn't be complete without stopping at one of the Channel's islands, like Saint Helier or Saint Peter Port. Saint Helier offers a charming glimpse of island life to visitors, as well as a number of historic locations like The Hermitage of Saint Helier. Saint Peter Port is another not to be missed island stop on a visit to the English Channel. This island is well known for Castle Carey, a Gothic castle, as well as being home to Elizabeth College.

Visitors who are interested in history can't go wrong with a trip to the English Channel. The area is truly packed with destinations to delight every traveler.


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