Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

Downpatrick is a small city in the southeastern part of Northern Ireland. The current population stands at approximately 10,000 residents. The town is an important place in the history of St. Patrick, and the town’s name actually means “stronghold of Patrick”.

The area around Downpatrick was inhabited by Celtic people far back in ancient history. There was an ancient, Celtic fortification at the site that is now the city’s cathedral.

St.Patricks Down Cathedral, Downpatrick, Northern IrelandDuring the Middle Ages, the town was associated with the ministry of St. Patrick. The city was the site of military encounters between the Irish and the English.

A large, wealthy family named Southwell helped to improve the fortunes of Downpatrick in the 1700s. They built several important buildings including a school.

Today, Downpatrick is an important tourist destination in the United Kingdom, and tourism is one of the mainstays of the economy. Travelers will find great Airfares to Belfast Airport, just 32 miles from Downpatrick. It is also a community of commuters as many of the city’s residents travel to Belfast for employment opportunities.

One of the major attractions in the Downpatrick area is the Saint Patrick Centre. This center is built on the location where St. Patrick is believed to have built his first church and made his first converts on Irish soil. The center shows an interesting film about St. Patrick’s life and ministry. There are several displays concerning the life of the saint at the center.

Another important site in Downpatrick centered on the life of St. Patrick is Down Cathedral. This cathedral and its spire tower over Downpatrick. Down Cathedral was built in the 12th century. On the cathedral grounds is the place that is believed to be the burial place of St. Patrick. The grave is marked by a large stone, and it is a much visited site.

The ruins of Inch Abbey are another important religious site worth visiting. This abbey was established sometime in the 9th century and continued in operation until the 1500s.

Ballynoe Stone Circle is a site that takes visitors back to the ancient history of Ireland. The cirlce is made up of around 50 stones spread out to form a circle. It is believed to be the location of an ancient burial site.

Those traveling to Downpatrick will find a rainy climate that is cool in winter. Summers are warm, but they are not exceptionally hot.


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