Docklands, London

Docklands, London is the new name given to the area that served as the Port of London. The Docklands encompassing the Wapping & Limehouse, Surray Quays & Rotherhithe, Isle of Dogs, and Royal Docks on along the Thames River. Archaeological evidence indicates the first docks in London were constructed during Roman times however the earliest modern dock was constructed in 1696. The docks saw extensive trade until containerization became popular in the 1960s. The area was too small to accommodate the containers and the trading center moved 20 miles up-river. By 1980, all the docks were closed.
Docklands and Thames River, London England
Tower Bridge is an iconic image of London within the Docklands as well as a historic landmark. The bascule and suspension bridge were the result of a massive construction effort from 1886 to 1894. The current paint scheme was added in 1977 to celebrate Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee. Visitors can explore the engine room or enjoy a stunning vista from the high level walkway.

A massive effort to revitalize the Docklands began in 1981 by the London Docklands Development Corporation. Visitors to the area can learn more about the restoration of the 8.5 mile area during a walking tour. The LDDC started a light railway project in 1984 and expanded the line throughout the entire area to aid travel. The Docklands also host a number of ships offering cruises along the Thames River. Dinner cruises are offered aboard the Hispanola, London Showboat, and Bateaux London which call the Docklands home. The HMS Belfast, moored near the London Bridge City Pier, is one of the crown jewel in the collection of the Imperial War Museum and offers tours. The Royal Navy ship was launch in 1938 and played an essential role in the Normandy landings.

The Museum of London is located in the Isle of Dogs and has a collection boasting more than one million archaeological items from prehistoric Roman London to objects from the 21st Century. Georgian warehouses dating from 1802 house the museum. The highlights of the museum are the Bronze Age weapons and over 17,000 skeletons that help convey the history of London. Visitors to the museum will gain a better understanding of London’s history, heritage, and culture. One of the most interesting Docklands attractions is the London Dungeon. Actors, special effects, and authentic scenery bring the dark history to life for guest to the dungeon. Activities include several rides and an underground boat ride.


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