Derry, Northern Ireland


Derry is one of the oldest cities in Northern Ireland. This means that it has a lot of history for visitors to enjoy as they explore the city. It has lots of museums and attractions that will appeal to visitors who have an interest in history. Derry’s full name is actually Londenderry, but this is a source of problems for many residents. The fact that Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom causes lots of problems. Residents who want to remain part of the Union call it Londenderry, while those who want Northern Ireland to become part of the Irish Republic shorten the name to Derry. The city is most commonly simply called Derry.The beach and coastline at Downhill on the Derry coast of Northern Ireland.

Derry is the second-largest city in Northern Ireland. The city is also the fourth-largest city on the entire Irish island. People have been living in what is present-day Derry for thousands of years. The earliest historical references to Derry refer to the establishment of a monastery there by Saint Columba in the 6th century. Between the 6th and the 11th centuries, the area that is now Derry remained primarily a monastic community.

Beginning in the 11th century, Derry became an important strategic location during the frequent conflicts between the Irish and the English. During the 17th century, the English laid out a proper city in Derry, including surrounding the entire city with massive walls. This made Derry the first planned city in all of Ireland.

Derry remained a city that suffered lots of fighting between Irish and English forces over the next few centuries. There were many famous battles and sieges that involved Derry.

During the 19th century, Derry became one of the most popular ports for Irish emigrants fleeing the notorious potato famine that starved many people.

These days Derry does not see much fighting as “The Troubles,” as many refer to the conflict in Northern Ireland, has mostly faded into memory. The city now brings in many tourists who like to visit the museums that showcase the city’s troubled history. There is a lot of old architecture for visitors to explore. Tours of the city walls are very popular as they are some of the oldest city walls in Europe. Derry is the only city in Ireland which has a complete set of city walls.

Halloween is a very popular time for visitors to come to Derry. The Halloween celebration is the largest in all of Ireland.


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