Death Valley, California


The heat is on when Death Valley, California enters discussions about travel. Be advised that a trip to Death Valley will likely feature the hottest weather you've ever experienced, especially if you go in the summer. On July 10th, 1913, people at Furnace Creek recorded an air temperature of 134 degrees Fahrenheit. This is still the hottest temperature ever recorded in California as well as on earth. Average temperatures in July regularly approach and exceed 120 degrees. Heat is the name of the game at Death Valley, but there are several places to keep cool during your visit.
Death Valley, California
Death Valley National Park is the main attraction to see when you are in the area. There's actually a place there where you can look up and see a sign that marks where sea level begins. There's no other place on earth like Death Valley National Park. You get to see unusual and fascinating rock formations, sand dunes, salt water ponds, The Devil's Golf Course, and more. Cooler months such as October and April provide a great opportunity for you to make long-lasting memories there with your family. You'll tell your friends all about your trip there, and you'll feel like there's not enough time to tell all the details about what you saw.

Dante's View is one of the areas that deserve special attention at the park. The outline of Death Valley comes alive in stunning detail at the top of Dante's View. The wind can sometimes be intense, but some of the greatest photograph opportunities in the world are found there. Philosophers, artists, painters, musicians, poets, and other creative types of people often travel to Dante's View for inspiration. You may have encountered a postcard with a view from there on it, but you probably wouldn't have known it. The outline of Death Valley invigorates all who choose to look upon it from atop Dante's View.

Titus Canyon appeals to adventurous people from all over the world as well. Marathon runners, hikers, and outdoor lovers gather there throughout the year to enjoy the amazing beauty found at Titus Canyon. Some people describe it as an experience that takes you out of this world and into another one. Others say that the quiet and calming mystique around the canyon makes it eerie, yet relaxing at the same time. Titus Canyon is a great place to visit after you've visited the Death Valley National Park. A great end to any trip helps to preserve its memories.



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