Cortona, Italy

Italy is home to a vast array of fascinating cities and towns to explore. Many of the country’s best towns are in the celebrated Tuscany region. This area is well known for its charming hillside towns and rich culture. One of the most interesting and historic of these towns is Cortona, Italy. Set in the heart of the Tuscany, this town boasts stunning architecture, historic landmarks and a bevy of great cafes, boutiques and authentic Italian restaurants. No visit to the Tuscany is complete without a stop at this charming town. With so much to do and see, Cortona offers something for everyone.

City of Cortona, Tuscany, ItalyCortona is located in Cenral Italy’s Tuscany region near the city of Arezzo. Cortona has a mild climate and is accessible by air, train, bus and car. Those visiting the town will find plenty of historic landmarks, fascinating cultural sites and beautiful churches to explore.

Cortona is home to many interesting sites and landmarks. One of the top attractions in the town is the Etruscan tombs, an ancient Roman-era catacomb that is one of the best preserved in all of Italy. Another top place to visit is the Palazzo Comunale, the town’s 13th century town hall and a magnificent architectural gem.

The city plays host to a number of renowned museums as well. The Diocesan Museum is one of the most fascinating in Italy, while the Etruscan Academy Museum holds a wide array of ancient Etruscan artifacts and artwork and is a must-see for those who love history and ancient culture.

Just wandering around the town is an experience all by itself. Visitors can stop by the famed Piazza della Repubblica, the town’s central plaza and home some of its finest architecture and most historic buildings. The neighboring Piazza Signorelli is home to a popular antiques market while the unique Piazza Giribaldi seamlessly blends Napoleonic-era French and Italian design and architecture.

Finally, no visit to Cortona is complete without seeing its marvelous churches and cathedrals. These include Il Duomo, the Farneta Abbey and the stunning Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

With its beautiful architecture, rich history and authentic Tuscany heritage, the town of Cortona is a must-see for anyone visiting Italy’s famous Tuscany region.


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