Colorado, United States

When most people think of Colorado, the thought that they immediately associate with it is “The Rocky Mountain State”. However, behind the majestical landscapes and natural gems that most know Colorado only to be lies a state loaded with attractions for every flavor of tourist whether it be the lone traveler or the family of five.

If you only go to Colorado once in your life, there are some sites that it would simply be a crime to miss.
Aspen would be the first. Ahh, the skiers paradise. Even if you are not a skier, the beauty offered in this town, such as watching a genuine Aspen sunset, is worth the visit alone. You could give the paragliding, horseback riding or river rafting a try and even check out the growing Aspen nightlife. Despite the hustle and bustle associated with being such a popular tourist attraction, there is a very quaint, undiscovered, and almost surreal feel to the town.

The natural treasure that is Colorado is also home to hundreds of beautiful state parks. Of the most notable is the Mesa Verde National Park where visitors can walk down the same trails that Colorado’s ancestors, the Pueblo Indians did hundreds of years ago. Also discover the Rocky Mountain National Park, a must for any avid hiker. Travel through the historical Rockies at elevations up to 14,000 feet by day and camp in one of 200 most beautiful campsites you will find across the country by night.

During the past decade or so, Denver has evolved into a city with a younger demographic. This is likely due to the job growth in Denver luring in young professionals and it has resulting in a booming nightlife. From Larimer Square to the Colfax Nightclub District, you’ll be bound to find yourself wondering if you’re really in Vegas. One stat that might tell it all, more beer is brewed in Denver than in any other city in the U.S.

Whether it be a family trip to Aspen, a back-packing trip through the Rockies or indulging in the Denver nightlife, there is a little something for everyone in Colorado.


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