Chianciano, Italy

Chianciano, Italy is a historic town located in the southern part of Siena Province of Tuscany that can trace its history back to the Etruscan Period of the 5th Century B.C. It was during this time that a temple was erected to honor the god of good health. This structure, situated near the Sillene spring, contained several large bronze statues. Recent archeological excavations have discovered artifacts from the 7th Century B.C. as well. The curative powers of the spring waters made Chianciano well known during Roman times. Many luxury villas were constructed in the area and literary evidence includes references to the poet Homer visiting the baths.

Chianciano, Siena, Tuscany, ItalyToday, cultural tourists can stroll through the elegant Romanesque Porta Rivellini and visit Chianciano Vecchia or Ancient Chianciano which is situated atop a small hill. In the Romanesque-Gothic Museum of the Church of San Giovanni Battista, they can see the painting Annunciation by Niccolo Betti, the fresco of the Madonna of Peace by Signorelli, as well as other 14th, 15th and 16th century works of art. They can also admire the architectural elegance of ancient churches such as the Church of the Immacolata which was restored in 1588. The old town area contains several museums including the notable Museum of Art that displays an interesting collection of contemporary and historical works of art and is well worth a visit.

Guest looking to relax can enjoy the rejuvenating aspects of the therapeutic spring waters just as the ancient Romans did. The modern section of the municipality, Chianciano Terme, has earned the reputation as one of the finest health resorts in the country. This area of the city contains several renowned spas. The first recorded advertisement for the modern spas dates from 1895. Visitors can enjoy the many leisure activities of the beautiful city parks such as the large Parco Acquasanta.

This Tuscany vacation destination is approximately 90 kilometers southeast of Florence and 120 kilometers from Pisa. The climate of the area is generally mild with variation depending upon the geography of each particular area. The summer is warm and dry with temperatures reaching 30° C while the winter offers sunny days but chilly nights with temperature below freezing.

Chianciano continues to build a thriving tourist economy based upon its reputation as a destination for relaxation and rejuvenation that began in ancient times.


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