Changi Singapore

At first glance one would never know that the quiet village of Changi, Singapore, with its narrow roads was once an active World War II site. However, on closer inspection there are still many remnants of its military history today. These reminders include the now empty Changi military hospital, the Changi Prison which once housed thousands of POWs, and the Changi Chapel and Museum which tells the very sad but interesting story of Singapore's Japanese occupation during the second world war.

Today Changi is the heart of the aerospace industry in Singapore and a place where you can see the latest in fighter jets and helicopters at the exhibition center. There is also an annual airshow. Changi is also home to Singapores main airport, Changi International Airport welcomes more than 42 million travelers a year to Singapore.

Changi Boardwalk, Kelong Walk, SingaporeIn addition to historical sightseeing, Changi's sailing club, beach club and golf club offer much to do in the way of water sports and other outdoor activities. Changi Point Coastal Boardwalk was built in 2005 and connects the beach and sailing club. The boardwalk is made up of four segments, which offer four different "walks". Strolling on the boardwalk is a great way to view Changi's beautiful coastline. If you are interested in seeing the nearby island of Pulau Ubin, you can get there via the ferry on the jetty for a mere $2.

Like the rest of Singapore, Changi is warm and humid all year long, with the rainiest season being in November and December. The frequent rain makes it a beautiful green tropical paradise. Although the heat can at times be unbearable, fortunately there is air conditioning everywhere.

Singapore has much cultural diversity, with a mixture of races and religions, which gives it a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you choose to stay in a deluxe hotel near the airport, in a luxurious chalet resort on the beach, or even if camping is more your style, Changi offers many different types of accommodations. While the Aloha Chalets are open to the public, there are other chalets that are especially set apart for military and civil service personnel.

For history lovers and outdoors enthusiasts alike, Changi Singapore, with its beauty, historical value and outdoor activities is definitely a place that is worth seeing!


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