Nuevo Leon State, Mexico

Nuevo Leon is one of 31 states that comprise the country of Mexico. Considered one of Mexico’s most industrialized regions, it boasts a quality of life similar to Slovakia, Croatia, and Poland. Nuevo Leon has the highest per capita GDP of any Mexican state. Its PPP of $26,658 far exceeds the national average of $14,119. Its capitol city of Monterey is the third largest metropolitan area in Mexico. The total population of Nuevo Leon is 4.1 million and almost 80 percent of the population lives within the Monterey Metropolitan Area.

Mountains near Linares in Nuevo Leon, MexicoNuevo is located in the northeastern corner of Mexico. It is bordered by Tamaupulas to the north and east, San Luis Potosi to the south, and Cohuila to the west. It also shares a 9-mile border with the United States through Texas. Americans can enter Nuevo Leon by car and international flights are available to the capitol city of Monterey.

Alberto del Canto originally founded Nuevo Leon, but frequent raids by natives prevented any permanent settlements from being established. The Spanish King later launched an initiative to repopulate the area and Nuevo Leon became one of the Eastern Internal provinces of New Spain. The 19th century saw a population boom as European immigrants flooded the region to take advantage of land grants.

Grutas de Garcia
One of the most extensive cave systems in Mexico, visitors will be amazed at the extensive cave system as they trek through a mile long system of underground caverns and caves. The cave entrance is reached by the way of cable car.

Barrance de Potrillos
This is an excellent destination for the history and archaeology buff. Isolated from any populated area, this ancient site features magnificent stone carvings and archaeologically significant artifacts.

Cumbrance de Monterey
This is Mexico’s largest National Park. Filled with deep canyons and gorges, this park at the foot of the Sierra Madre Orientals is an excellent place to visit for those who love to hike and experience the natural wonders of Nuevo Leon’s arid landscape.

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