Centre District, Florence, Italy


If you are a visitor to Florence, Italy you must be certain to spend some time in the Centre District. Many of the city’s most impressive sights are here in the center of the city, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see them for yourself. Conveniently, the district is not very spread-out, so you can see several fantastic landmarks within just a few blocks of each other. If you have only a day to spend in Florence, this would be an excellent place to spend it since you will be able to see so much in such a short time.
The Duomo, Centre District, Florence, ItalyThe Cathedral, otherwise known as the Duomo, is found in the center of Florence, along with the baptistry. Its proper title in English is the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower, and the cathedral reflects that lovely name. Along with the richly ornamental doors and the finely sculptured marble walls, the cathedral boasts 44 gorgeous stained glass windows created in the 1300s and 1400s. Construction on the cathedral began more than seven centuries ago, and several noted artists and architects had a hand in the design of this beautiful building whose golden dome towers over central Florence.

The Cathedral Square, or Piazza del Duomo, also includes the beautiful spectacle of Giotto’s Bell Tower, a splendid example of Gothic architecture, and the Museum of the Works of the Cathedral, which houses magnificent works of art connected with the cathedral, including the handiwork of Michaelangelo and Donatello. With its rich history, this is a definite must-see for any art enthusiast.

Another impressive sight in this district of Florence is the Ponte Vecchio, which is the bridge that stands over the Arno River. In addition to its structural beauty, which dates back to medieval times, the bridge is notable because it is lined with shops. While many bridges of that time were similarly lined with shops, that is not the case for many bridges that stand today, so it’s especially fun to wander these stores and buy the art, jewelry and souvenirs that is sold inside of them.

If you are planning a visit to Florence and looking for accommodation in the Centre District or all over the city, check out Oh-Florence where you can find a huge selection of apartments to suit your every need. Clearly, this central portion of Florence has a great deal to offer any visitor with a deep and abiding interest in art, culture and history, and its magnificence is such that it is likely to foster such an appreciation in others as well.


Gare de Lyon, Train Station, Paris

Europe is famous for their convenient train service and Paris, France is no exception. The many wonderful trains are served by famous train stations. Gare de Lyon, Train Station, Paris is one of those stations. It's also one of the six large railway terminals in Paris. This train station was named for the city of Lyon which is a popular stop for several trains on their way to southern France. Lyon is also a stop for many long-distance trains going to other destinations.

Gare de Lyon, Train Station, Paris, FranceLocated in the northern bank of the river Seine, the Gare de Lyon metro station is in the east of Paris, located to many hotels and Paris apartments. Serving the RER, regional trains and SNCF services that run to the southern and eastern destinations of France, Gare de Lyon is a busy spot. SNCF serves Lines A and B while RER serves Lines C, D and E.

The Gare de Lyon is over one hundred years old since it was built before 1900 for the World Exposition held that particular year. The architecture of this station is considered to be classic for that period in time in many ways. One of the corners of Gare de Lyon holds an enormous clock tower. This clock tower is reminiscent to Big Ben at the United Kingdom Houses of Parliament. This is quite a comparison.

Another historic remnant at Gare de Lyon is the Le Train Bleu restaurant. This quaint and ornate restaurant opened in 1901 and has never stopped serving meals and drinks to the many passengers and visitors since then. The 19th century artist, Albert Maignan, has a wall painting hanging right inside the Le Train Bleu which just adds to the restaurant's classic history. There aren't too many restaurants or bars that can stay in business for 110 years.

Gare de Lyon has high speed services that serve Paris to Lyon to Marseille, Paris to Geneva, Paris to Milan and other destinations. There are intercity services with Paris to Nevers to Clemont to Ferrand. To travel between other Paris main stations from Gare de Lyon, there are instructions to either walk, catch a bus or take a Metro Line to the other stations and nearby hotels an apartments in Paris.


Florence Train Stations

Florence is connected with the major Italian cities by modern, rapid trains, with local trains which travel to other parts of Italy, and by nonstop trains from Europe. Travelers will find that most Florence apartments as well as area hotels are convientley located to the cities train stations.

Firenze, Santa Maria Novella Station, Florence ItalyThe main station in Florence is Firenze Santa Maria Novella, also called Firenze SMN, located on the northwest corner of near the old town. The Eurostar train that travels from Milan, Turin, Venice and Rome arrive at this terminal. In addition, the trains that leave for Viareggio and the Versilia Coast arrive at and depart from the Santa Maria Novella terminal. Upon arriving at the station, travelers are able to take in the historical part of Florence by walking.

The Frienize Santa Novella Station is known as a terminus station, meaning that the train pulls up and stops instead of pulling through the station.

Since this is a significant station, the express trains begin at Firenze. Milan is three hours from Florence, and Rome is just under two hours from Florence.

Eurostar High Speed TrainThe station has many services, such as two internet points, that are found inside the station. Travelers are able to leave their luggage at the facility to the left on the ground floor. The fee is € 3.80 for the first five hours the bags are left and € 0.60 for each additional hour from the sixth to twelfth hours.

The city’s more important buses stop to pick up passengers just across from this station on Via Valfonda. In addition, the taxi stand is found just outside the entrance. The tourist information stand is to the left and is open from 8:30 Am to 9 PM.

The station was constructed on the design by Gruppo Toacano and directed by Giovanni Michelucci after a national contest. The Santa Maria Novella railroad station was opened in 1935. The design of the building was based on a horizontal building so the structure did not conflict with the tall Medieval basillica that was diagonally across from the station. Also, the designers chose pietra forte as the shell that would complement the church. As a result, the station is a major model of Italian architecture of the 20th century.

High Speed Train, Firenze Santa Maria Novella Trains Station Florence, ItalyFlorence has train stations hotels conveniently located near the train stations, numerous apartments in Florence are also within walking distance of most stations. The Hotel Diplomat is under a mile from Florence’s main shopping areas and museums, and includes such features as a coffee shop, bar, room service and internet service. The Hotel Atlantic Place is also within walking distance of the center of the city and offers breakfast, an exercise room and internet. The third train station hotel is the Hotel Londra which is in walking distance of the train station and offers a restaurant bar and other standard features.

Other smaller train stations are Firenze Campo Marte, near the Florence Station, and Firenze Riferti.

Florence Rifredi is a little station in the Rifredi area. This railroad station is situated near the Careggi hospital. It is also close to the historical part of Florence.

The Florence Campo de Marti is located further from the center of Florence. It is convenient to the travelers who are going to the Florence Artemio Franchi stadium.

If a traveler wishes to take an Intercity to Florence, he may have to change at Rifredi for a different train to Frienze S M N. The switch between stations by way of train is usually included in the train ticket so the train ticket does not distinguish between the two stations and will state Firenze. It the wait for the transfer is lengthy, it is also possible to take a bus to the center of the city.