Catania, Italy

Italy is renowned for its historic cities and breathtaking architecture. While major cities like Rome and Venice often garner the most attention from tourists and travelers, the country is home to many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. One of those gems is Catania. Located in Sicily in the shadow of the iconic Mount Etna, Catania boasts magnificent architecture, a rich culture and a wealth of historic sites and attractions to see. Those planning a visit to Italy should definitely make Catania a stop on their itinerary. With so much to do and see, this city is not to be missed. With its spectacular setting and fascinating history, Catania is a prime destination.

Urisno Castle, Catania, Sicily, ItalyCatania is located on the eastern coast of Sicily at the foot of the volcanic Mount Etna. Catania is Sicily’s second largest city and boasts more than 2700 years worth of history and heritage. Known for its vast array of historic sites and world-class architecture, it is also home to many great museums, shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes. Catania has a Mediterraneanclimate with abundant sunshine year round and is accessible by ferry and plane from the Italian mainland.Catania is renowned for its bevy of attractions and interesting landmarks. One of the top attractions in the city is the Piazza del Duomo, a stunning example of Baroque architecture and a must-see for any visitors. Adjacent to Piazza del Duomo is Via Etnea, the city’s main commercial street and home to a plethora of great shops and boutiques. Another excellent attraction is Piazza Stesicoro, a major commercial hub and home to the ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre. Other great attractions and landmarks in Catania include Teatro Massimo, Castello Ursino, Palazzo Biscari and the Villa, a beautiful park.

While in Catania, don’t forget to visit Mount Etna. The tallest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna rests at Catania’s doorstep and is perfect for hiking, mountaineering, sightseeing and photo opportunities.

Additionally, Catania is home to a wide array of great shops and restaurants as well as many food and fish markets selling a wide array of food and treats for visitors and locals alike. Catania also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene and some excellent beaches at La Plaja along its coastline.

With its unique blend of history, culture and natural beauty, Catania is one of the top cities in all of Italy to visit.


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