Capri, Italy

When most people think of Capri, Italy images of glamorous celebrities, royalty and a playground for the aristocracy of the world come to mind. While it is true that Capri remains a popular destination for the celebrities and wealthy of the world, one does not need to be of the elite class to visit.

Just a short ferry or hydrofoil ride from Naples or Sorrento, you will be whisked away to a land steeped in myth and history. Located off the southern shore of the Campania region of Italy, Capri is a rocky island kissed by some of the most beautiful azure waters in the world. Once you reach Marina Grande on Capri, you will find ample transportation options to get around the island.

The main attraction of Capri is the natural beauty of the island itself. Sheer cliffs, stunning rocky coastline and natural formations such as La Grotta Azzurra, a favorite of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Getting there is challenging but worth the effort. Once making your way inside, which is done via a small rowboat, the Grotto is stunning. Sunlight streaming through the small opening into the water causes the entire cavern to light up in a brilliant shade of blue.

Capri was once a favorite of Roman royalty. Emperor Augustus had a villa on Capri as did Tiberius, his successor, who built several villas there, Villa Jovis being the best known. The ruins of this palace can be seen today on Monte Tiberio. The Roman Emperors favored Capri for its tranquility and relative safety from political intrigue.

If you are staying in Capri town, one of only two towns on the island, you probably will not find much in the way of “budget” accommodations but it will give you the opportunity to see the island at night when it undergoes a dramatic transformation. During the day the town of Capri is a bustling and crowded place with many visitors coming for a day of shopping and sightseeing, but come evening after the chaos of the day settles it is a relatively tranquil place where you can take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a quiet meal.

Anacapri, the only other town on the island, is situated high above Capri town on a plateau and reached by a zigzagging road. It is more relaxed than Capri and offers accommodations at more reasonable rates, while it is still near enough to the center of activity to make it a good choice for your stay. The most popular attraction in Anacapri is the Villa San Michele, the home of the late Axel Munthe that is now a museum, which sits overlooking much of Capri from its mountainside locale.

Monte Solaro is the highest point on the island and is a short distance from Anacapri and is easily accessed by a chairlift that transports visitors to the peak. For the more adventurous, Monte Solaro is also accessible on foot if you don’t mind the uphill climb. The views are breathtaking and worth the sojourn.


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