Canterbury, England


Canterbury, England is one of the most important centers in the Christian religion. It is the home of Canterbury Cathedral that is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury who is the highest ranking churchman in the Church of England and the leader of the worldwide Anglican Church Communion.

Canterbury is located in the far southeast corner of England in County Kent. The city has a population of slightly more than 43,000 residents.

The Canterbury area was inhabited by Celtic tribes before the arrival of the Romans. The Romans built a city at the site of present day Canterbury in the first century. When the Romans abandoned Britain, the city fell into disrepair. A few Saxons occupied the city in the following years.Canterbury Anglican Cathedral , Canterbury, England

The city came to prominence when it was chosen as the seat of an archbishopric in the 6th century. Much of the city was rebuilt, and the cathedral was constructed.

The city is important in history as the place where Thomas Beckett was murdered. This incident has been the subject of plays and movies. The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer occurs as travelers are making their way to the shrine of Thomas Beckett located within Canterbury Cathedral.


Modern Canterbury is a community where the resident's average income is above the British average. The economy is based on service sector jobs and jobs connected with the tourist industry. The city's four institutions of higher education also employ a significant number of workers.


Canterbury Cathedral receives more tourists than any other location in Canterbury. The cathedral is well-known for its beautiful stained glass windows dating back to the 12th century. Canterbury Cathedral holds religious services several times each day. The music presented at these services is of outstanding quality. Visits and guided tours are available outside of service times. However, an admission is charged at these times.

Another of the top attractions in Canterbury is Howletts. This wild animal park, operated by the Aspinall Foundation, is know around the world for its conservation programs involving tigers and gorillas. Besides these animals, there are numerous other animals in the park.

There are several other interesting places to visit in the city. St. Martin's Church and St. Augustine's Abbey are World Heritage Sites. The Roman Museum and Marlowe Theatre are also popular with tourists.



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