Cannon Street Station London

The Cannon Street Station London is a high-speed railway terminal and underground station situated on Cannon Street in central London. The station connects with numerous London underground lines including Westminster, Paddington, Kensington and Notting Hill to name only a few. A major mode of transportation throughout London, the Cannon Street Station is an architectural London landmark with a historical story.

The original structure designed by Sir John Hawkshaw and J W Barry opened on September 1st in the year 1886. Its prominent architectural feature was twin towers placed on each side of the building.

Cannon Street Station, London, England
The towers supported an iron train shed stretching the length of 700 feet adorned by a semicircular arch made of iron and glass. In 1867, an Italianate style hotel and courtyard was joined to the building. This space housed most of the passenger facilities.
In 1926 a massive renovation was undertaken by the Southern Railway. Platforms were rebuilt, new tracks were laid and a new electrical signaling system was installed. The enormous glass roof was cleaned and the platforms were reduced from the original nine to only eight.

During World War II, the structure suffered damage from the bombings. The glass roof had been removed and sent to storage before the war to save it. Unfortunately, the storage building had also received massive damage and the stored roof had been destroyed.
Today, the Cannon Street Station also houses office and retail space. Passenger facilities include ticket halls, cash machines and payphones. The railway system in the United Kingdom is touted as one of the best worldwide.

An abundance of hotels, restaurants and bars and pubs are located within walking distance of Cannon Street. Museums and entertainment venues are also nearby. Retail stores are situated on the higher levels of the terminal and other retailers display their wares throughout the neighborhood.

Red double-decker busses travel the London streets transporting visitors to such famous landmarks as Westminster Abby, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Churchill War Rooms.
So much to see and do in London is at your disposal immediately after arrival at the Cannon Street Station in central London.


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