Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Though Cabo San Lucas has only a modest population of just under 70,000, it is still one of the largest cities in the Mexican State of Baja California. It is known world-wide for its beautiful beaches, warm waters, excellent fishing and an extensive marine life. A tropical climate keeps the temperature in Cabo San Lucas at a warm average in the mid-90s during the summer and the mid-70s during the winter season.

Though humans have been calling this area of Mexico home for more than 10,000 years, the beginnings of what is now Cabo San Lucas originated as a fishing village in the early 1900s. An American fishing company planted their home there and, over time, that small village developed into a populous city. It was not until 1974, however, that the Mexican government began to see the potential for tourism that Cabo San Lucas’s natural appeal held. Infrastructure development and investment followed rapidly, covering this formerly sparsely populated area into the mecca of tourism that it is today.

The Arch at Cabo San Lucas, MexicoCabo San Lucas is perhaps best known for its aquatic attractions, luring thousands of tourists every season with its astounding beaches, coral reefs and surrounding deserts. Aside from just relaxing in the sun, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities, such as surfing tours, off-roading through the dunes or parasailing. The amazing variety of marine life makes scuba diving and snorkeling very popular. It also draws sport fishers from all over, hosting the largest marlin tournament in the world. During the winter, whales come down to the warm waters of Cabo San Lucas and bear their young, and provide the perfect opportunity for whale watching. Add to this one of the most iconic and famous sights in the area – the Arch – and it can be easy to spend many days without touching land except to return to one’s hotel for a rest.

For those that wish to spend time in the city, Cabo San Lucas has a reputation for both luxury and adventure. Spas, art galleries, golf courses, both high-end and locally-made shopping and quality restaurants are scattered throughout the city. There are also dozens of bars, clubs and other night-spots, complete with music. When the city is full of visitors, it turns into a 24-hour-a-day party.

Cabo San Lucas is busiest during the November to February seasons, though perfect to visit any time of the year. Hotels and timeshares are all over the city, providing many options for those who wish to spend some time there. An international airport provides convenient access to the area from virtually anywhere and the city is a popular cruise ship stop-off as well. With so much to do and so much to see, Cabo San Lucas has well-earned its reputation as a top vacation spot.


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