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Bogota “Santa Fe de Bogota” Colombia



 Bogota, is Colombia’s capital as well as being its largest and most populous economic center. This city has an interesting history as well as displaying the influences of multiple cultures. The name of this city was once Santa Fe de Bogota.

 This place was originally called Bacata, which means planted fields, by the Muisca native people. The name was changed to Santa Fe de Bogota by Spanish settlers when it was founded as a colony in 1538. The name was shortened in 1824 as it became independent from Spain. Over time Bogota has been influenced by Spain, France, England, and the United States.

Bogota is said to have a subtropical highland climate. The climate of this city is greatly influenced by the climate patterns El Nino and La Nina. This makes the climate somewhat irregular with alternating dry and rainy seasons.

Bogota has greatly developed its cultural centers and is known to be a very important city for the development of the arts. Many of the historic buildings inside the city have been carefully preserved. The cultural centers and preserved historic structures have helped to greatly increase tourism in this city.

 Many visitors are drawn to Bogota because of its cultural and historic centers. The Museo Arqueologico contains various displays of colonial and Pre-Colombian artifacts such as ceramics and textiles. The Museo de Arte Moderno allows visitors to enjoy a more modern display of the culture. This museum is home to many works of art from 20th century sculptors and painters. Others may want to visit the amazingly ornate Palacio de San Francisco, which has been declared a national monument. Those that would like a guided tour may choose a package from Destino Bogota. This business offers custom tours for visitors interested in specific aspects of Bogota such as shopping or religious landmarks. These are just a few of the tourist attractions offered in this city.


 Bogota, Colombia was considered an unsafe destination for a long time because of the amount of crime. The government of this city has greatly tightened security and numerous campaigns have been launched to clean up the streets, making this city a suitable, and much safer, tourist destination. Visitors should still be careful and use common sense when navigating this city.

 Bogota, Colombia is a busy city full of beautiful architecture and numerous cultural attractions. As the capital and largest economic center in Colombia this city is very important to the country. Increased tourism allows more visitors to experience this city, while bringing in revenue for its people.

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