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Barranquilla Colombia



 Barranquilla, Colombia is a city that brings to life the saying that those who work hard, play hard. Not only is Barranquilla Colombia’s largest industrial and port city, but it is also home to one of the largest carnivals in the world. Barranquilla has a lot to offer both residents and visitors to the city.

 Barranquilla has no record of its foundation, although it is known to have been around at least since 1629. Most of the locals instead celebrate the day that Barranquilla was established as a village, April 7, 1813. European, Middle Eastern, and Asian immigrants have all contributed to making the city’s population stem from various ethnicities and cultures. This city was Colombia’s first port as well as being home to South America’s first airport, which was built in 1919.

 The tropical climate of Barranquilla makes this city hot all year with temperatures usually staying between seventy and ninety degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy seasons are from April to June and August to November. Trade winds make the climate comfortable in spite of high temperatures from November to April. The huge annual Barranquilla Carnival takes place four days before Ash Wednesday.

 The carnival is a citywide event in which most of the populace participates. Dancing, traditional music, parades, and artwork are found throughout the carnival along with entertainment like street performers and parades. Many of the people that attend the carnival wear colorful costumes while they celebrate their diverse heritage. This well-known celebration lasts four days.

 Education is also a big part of Barranquilla’s culture. This city is home to several universities including the Universidad del Atlantico and the Universidad Autonoma del Caribe. This city is also host to one of the best libraries in Colombia. This city has one of the highest literacy rates in the country at ninety-eight point seven percent. Barranquilla also has attractions that both tourists and locals may enjoy.



 There are quite a few cultural attractions to be found in this city. The hall of the Banco de la Republica is home to many beautiful sculptures and works of art. There is also the Museo Romantico which allows visitors to learn about the history of Barranquilla. Visitors may also enjoy the city’s architecture. This city is not as focused on tourism as some of those nearby, but this aspect may allow visitors to really enjoy the local customs and culture. Visitors are also encouraged to learn a little Spanish, since this is the main language spoken in Barranquilla.

 Barranquilla, Colombia is a very important and busy city. The cultural celebrations, focus on education, and rich history of Barranquilla make it really stand out. Tourists may enjoy visiting and learning about this city, as well as taking a break from the traditional “tourist trap” destinations.

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