Bari, Italy

You’ll find the bustling port city of Bari in southern Italy on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Bari is a charming city and is famous for being one of Italy’s exit doors since it is from here that many travelers leave by ferry to some of the neighboring countries.

But Bari has much more to offer, with its old town area that has kept its medieval building plan with many historic sites and buildings. The old town of Bari was once the heart of pre-Roman and Roman Bari and today offers many trendy restaurants and bars that are open from dusk until dawn. Known as the Bari Vecchia, the old town section is a sprawl of passageways and streets, a beautiful medieval section that is home to many important churches. For historic buffs and those who enjoy sites and architecture, a good place to start is the “Basilica di San Nicola”, built in 1087 with a crypt, a gold ceiling and many medieval attractions.

Port of Bari, Puglia, ItalyA lovely place to visit and enjoy is a walk along the waterfront, atop the old city walls. You will pass by the “Fortino of Saint Antony”, an old fort that was recently converted into a modern art exhibition.

Another site to see is the Swabian Castle, built around 1131 by Roger II of Sicily. Today the castle serves as a gallery for many of the city’s exhibits. Then there is the Bari Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Sabinus of Canosa. The construction began in the Byzantine style in 1034 and has since seen a number of reconstructions and additions over the centuries.

For theater lovers, you will find one of the grandest opera houses in Italy, the Petruzzelli Theatre, which has hosted many famous ballet and opera stars throughout the last century.

Shopping lovers will thrill to what is said to be the largest shopping center in all of Italy in the Murat city Centre of Bari, with innumerous street stores and smaller shops that specialize in tailoring and high fashion. For designer shops, check out Via Sparano de Bari.

For those wanting to check out the area around the Bari, just 20 minutes out of the city is the small town of Adelfia. The patron saint of one of its areas is Saint Trifone. During the month of November they host a popular 3 day celebration in his honor. On the 9th of November a giant beautiful balloon is released in the early evening, signifying the beginning of the festival. The 10th of November brings a large parade through the streets of the town and fireworks from the evening until the early hours of the morning. Venders fill the city with food, goods and gifts.

A visit to any Italian city would not be complete without savoring some of their wonderful food and wine. Bari is no exception, with one of Italy’s most traditional and noteworthy cuisines. Bari’s food is based on three of the main products found in the region, wheat, olive oil and wine. It is also enriched through the wide variety in vegetables and fruit produced in the region.


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