Bangkok, Thailand

The largest urban area and capital of Thailand is the independent, influential and dynamic cosmopolitan city of Bangkok. From its early days as a small 15th century trading post during the Ayutthaya Kingdom, the city has grown into a metropolis of 12 million people at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. As the home to the stock exchange and all of Thailand’s commercial banks, the city is a powerful influence on the region’s business and finance. The second most expensive city in Southeast Asia behind Singapore, Bangkok is increasingly becoming more apparent on the global stage in terms of politics, fashion, culture and entertainment. Bangkok is divided into several districts. Each one has its own mix of cultural sites, restaurants and shopping. Because the region was never colonized by Europeans, it has preserved its own unique cultural identity.
Wat Arun temple, Bangkok, Thailand
Visitors to the city will find many cultural landmarks and attractions, such as the Grand Palace, Vimanmek Palace Complex and Wat Arun. There are also numerous ancient and historic Buddhist temples throughout the city. Bangkok is becoming synonymous with the concept of exoticism. This is the art, music and design theme that evokes images of far-off exotic locations during ancient times. Guests can take a boat tour and view the ancient canals that gave rise to the city’s moniker as the “Venice of the East.” You can also stroll through the busy open-air markets or the glitzy shopping malls. Guests can take time to relax or the large green park between Samut Prakan and Yannawa or the regionally famous Lumphini Park. You can view major ancient and contemporary artworks on display in the National Gallery or participate in one of several cultural festivals held throughout the year.


Bangkok is the gateway to Thailand. Tourists will find many cheap flights to Thailand are available and can access the city through the Don Mueang Airport which is the 18th busiest in the world and the newer Suvarnabhumi International. From these facilities you connect to a modern network of busses, trains and subways. The city has a tropical wet climate that produces average daily temperatures of 80º F with significant rainfall during the monsoon months of June through October.

Bangkok or the “City of Angels” is a melting pot of contemporary influences and cultural traditions. In the city, modern business meets ancient religion and glass skyscrapers overshadow exotic temples. Bangkok guarantees modern amenities as you experience old world charm.



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