Arno River, Florence, Italy


Running through the city of Florence, Italy, the Arno River is the second most important river in Tuscany. Starting in the Appenine Mountains and flowing into the Tyrrhenian Sea, there are many notable sites for travelers to explore in Florence along this river.
One of the most famous sites associated with the Arno River is the Ponte Vecchio, an arched stone bridge last rebuilt in 1345. Withstanding many floods over the years, the bridge was a popular vending place for all sorts of merchants in medieval times, but is currently a rich piece of history housing luxurious shops.


Arno River in Florence, Italy
Much of the city of Florence’s vibrant activity is along the Arno River. Cafes, restaurants and lodging are lined along parts of the river. Whether one gets fresh made gelato or a local Florence favorite, a T-bone steak over a bed of wilted arugula topped with fresh Parmesan cheese, dining by the river will be a spectacular highlight. Lodging possibilities are numerous on the Arno River allowing a traveler to enjoy gorgeous views.
Alongside the Arno is the Belvedere Fort. Built in the sixteenth century for the Grand Duke Ferdinando I de’ Medici, the fort now provides amazing views of Florence and houses artwork. Also located along or nearby the river are the Uffizi Museum that contains works by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, the palace of Padri delle Missioni and several historic churches, towers, museums and bridges.

A short walk away is the Piazza della Duomo, also known as Cathedral Square, and is the home to many tourist attractions in Florence and the location of the city’s most famous cathedral. Overlooking Florence, Michelangelo’s Square offers breathtaking views of the city and the Arno River, especially at sunset.
Another way to enjoy all the beautiful city of Florence has to offer, especially if time is short, is taking a river cruise. When the weather is warm, being kissed by the summer breeze aboard a romantic evening cruise along the Arno with the magnificent city in the background will be a delightful memory relived over and over for years to come.
The Arno River in and of itself is an attraction. Enjoy an indulgently relaxing walk alongside the river soaking in the beauty of Florence. The river is also a popular location for taking photographs.


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