Arezzo, Italy

The Tuscany region of Italy is renowned for its charming medieval towns, historic landmarks, rolling hills and famed wine culture. Those looking to visit this beautiful region are treated to a wide array of historic towns and cities to visit as they pass through. One of these cities is Arezzo, Italy. Arezzo is home to a bevy of historical landmarks, stunning churches and countless authentic Italian cafes and restaurants to sample. Even the most jaded travelers are awed by the city’s blend of magnificent architecture and rich culture. For those looking for the real Tuscany experience, there’s no better place than beautiful Arezzo.

Piazza Grande, Arezzo, Tuscany, ItalyArezzo is located in the Tuscany region of Central Italy. The city has a warm, Mediterranean climate and plentiful sunshine throughout the year. It is accessible by plane, train and car and boasts some of Italy most impressive historical sites and cultural monuments.

One of the top attractions in the city of Arezzo is Piazza Grande, the city’s central square. Piazza Grande is ringed by some of Italy’s most stunning architecture and historic buildings. It is also home to the annual Joust of the Sacarens medieval fair. Another top spot to visit in Arezzo is the Arezzo Cathedral. This stunning church is one of the most iconic in Tuscany and sports an impressive architectural design and rich history. Other fascinating churches worth a stop in the city include the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Church of Santa Maria della Pieve and the stunning Church of San Francesco.

Arezzo is also home to a wide array of fascinating museums. These include the Museo del Duomo, a historic and religious museum in the Arezzo Cathedral. The Museo Archeologico is renowned as one of Italy’s top historical museums and is a must-see for archeology enthusiasts and those with an interest in ancient cultures. Other top museums in the city include the House-Museum of Ivan Bruschi and the Museo Statale d’Arte Medieveale e Moderna.

Arezzo boasts many cultural landmarks to explore as well. One of these is Casa del Petrcaca, home of famed medieval poet Petraca. Another top spot is La Vita e Bella, while the city’s Old Town section is filled with charming shops and cafes nestled amongst the narrow streets and historic buildings.

For an authentic Tuscany experience, there’s no better place than the spectacular city of Arezzo.


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