Ancona, Italy

A classic port town, Ancona is Italy’s largest ferry port on the mid-Adriatic shoreline. Travelers arrive at the port every day, and visit the town's local shops and restaurants while awaiting connections to other areas of the world. Over one million individuals pass through Ancona on a yearly basis. The push to develop a thriving tourist industry has provided jobs for many local residents, and the construction of new restaurants and hotels throughout the city has helped to bring some attention to Ancona as a vacation destination. In addition, the city's downtown and historical sections are very pedestrian friendly, making it easy to see the town and its best landmarks on foot.

Portonovo seaside near the Conero Mountain, Ancona, Le Marche, ItalyLocated between two prominent mountain ranges in the Le Marche region of central Italy, the Monte d'Ancona and the Monte Conero, Ancona's historical district is wrapped around the port in a rather artistic pattern. Its rich and turbulent history includes the Confraternity of the Greeks in 1531, and the French occupation of 1797. Currently, Ancona boasts a population of approximately 150,000 people. Although most of the city's residents are Italian, because of the high level of port activity in the area, Ancona welcomes a melting pot of cultures to its shores on a daily basis.

The city is home to many outstanding buildings, monuments and statues, some of which were designed and built by Italy's most renowned architects. The majority of these structures have been preserved over the years, as a testament to both architecture and art.

The Marche Archeological Museum, located in the centuries old Palazzo Ferretti, is a sight to behold. The building's ceilings are covered with frescoes, which have been preserved in their original state. The structure itself is a wonder, and serves well as a magnificent venue for some major exhibitions. The museum's displays are laid out with care, and showcase Estruscan and Greek artifacts that date back to the Neolithic and Bronze ages.

Restored in the 1980s, the Cathedral Church of Saint Ciriaco is another landmark that no visitor to Ancona should miss. The interior has been preserved in its original state, and its ten columns and ornate embellishments are quite impressive.

Those who enjoy shopping will want to visit Ancona's glass-enclosed bazaar, which is located in the town square. Here, one can inspect the wares at dozens of booths, and bargain with vendors if the prices seem too high. One can also purchase locally produced meat and cheese at the bazaar, as well as bread and baked pastries.

The weather in Ancona is typically mild throughout the year, with summer temperatures in the high seventies and winters that rarely dip below thirty-five. Regardless of whether one chooses to visit Ancona for its sightseeing opportunities, or to experience life in a thriving port, he or she will not be disappointed with a trip to this charming, old-world city.


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