Alicante, Spain

In the beautiful Valencian Community of southeastern Spain, Alicante, Spain sits on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. This popular beach resort and port has gorgeous beaches and a long history dating back over 6,000 years, and the city has a stunning skyline with spectacular surroundings and a castle on Mount Benacantil dominating the cityscape. Alicante has the best of Spanish culture, history and beaches.


The weather in this coastal city is gets close to perfection. The Mediterranean climate provides mild temperatures during the cooler seasons of the year with less than 40 days of rain for every 360. Summers are mild to hot and mostly sunny. The average low temperatures do not dip below 43 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average highs stay under 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Coastline of Alicante, Spain
The history of Alicante goes back to early tribes of people before recorded history. Then, the Phoenician and Greek merchant traders set up ports for trade on the eastern coast of Spain around 1000 BC. By the mid-200s BC, Rome and Carthage were fighting for control of the Iberian Peninsula and Hamilcar Barca built a fortress on the coast where Alicante stands today. He was a general for the Carthaginians. Still, the city changed hands several times before finally coming under Valencian rule and King James II of Aragon in the late 1200s AD.

One of Spain's most rapidly growing cities, Alicante has an economy that is fueled by its highly successful tourist trade. Travelers using a Thomas Cook Voucher will find many travel deals to the Alicante area. Additionally, nearly 40,000 students attend the Alicante University every year. Then, the city also has one of Europe's largest film studios. Along with the tourists and students, the growing metropolis is home to many immigrants who have brought their unique cultures to enrich the city.

Of course, culture and history run deep in Alicante. Vacationers planning a trip to Alicante will find MyVoucherCodes has numerous discounts available. The city has various festivals that are well attended by residents, students and tourists. A festival commemorates the summer solstice and another explores the performance arts for a couple months in the summer. The most popular and celebrated festival is Los Hogueras de San Juan. Eating in the city is also a cultural experience, and restaurants offer the best of local Valencian cuisine.

Then, for history buffs, Alicante has many historic sites. The castle on Mount Benacantil is a must see. The Moorish Mosque and St. Mary's Church are two other interesting historic buildings. Museums display collections of fine art and regional historic artifacts.



  1. I was here a few years ago, had no idea it rained for around 40 days a year..because it rained while I was there! 
    Hopefully I will get another chance to visit when it is a little bit more sunny. 

  2. I've been flying into Alicante airport since I was 10 years old and its so interesting to read some of the history behind a town I've passed through so many times. Thank you!

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