Alghero, Italy

The town of Alghero is on the north west coast of Sardinia in Italy. It has a unique combination being both a tourist town and a thriving fishing port. Thus, the town’s economic structure is independent of tourism, and the town has a lot to offer all year round. In 1354, Pedro IV of Aragon overthrew the Doria family, which gave way to Hispanicization in Alghero. This process is known as “Barcelonetta.” The town still has a strong Catalan flavor today with narrow cobbled streets and vivid churches. The streets have both Catalan and Italian names and are sheltered by a stout girdle of walls.

Piana Island, Alghero, Sardinia, ItalyThe Alghero area has a number of ideal day trips including:
-The Grotta di Nettuno cave complex. Located underneath the Cappo Caccia headland, this is a stunning series of connecting sea caves.
The Argentieran abandoned mine. Since Roman times, Argentiera has been a primary site for silver mining in this region. The town and the old mine remain mostly unchanged since the mine closed in 1963. View the eerie decay as well as the contrasting clear waters and excellent beaches.
The stunning beaches of Stintino. The town of Stintino and La Pelosa beach, one of the most popular beaches in Sardinia, are at the far northwest tip of Sardinia. This area offers shallow turquoise waters and fine white sand all the way across the short strait, which leads to the Island of Piana.
The medieval town of Bosa and the Bosa Marina beach resort. An hour’s drive from Alghero, Bosa is in a secluded area because of its juxtaposition to the mountains and sea. It is situated right on the banks of the River Temo. Bosa Marina, the town’s beach resort area, is located at the river’s mouth.There are also several prehistoric sites around Alghero worth visiting including Nuraghe di Palmavera, which is one of the most well preserved nuraghic complexes in the region, and Anghelu Ruju, which is a necropolis that has just under forty burial chambers. The Anghelu Ruju excavations are currently housed right near the Fertilia airport for traveler’s convenience.

There are a number of hotel accommodations in Alghero. Most hotels are only open from spring to fall. The peak months, July and August, can have inflated hotel prices of as much as 25 percent. Prices are considerably cheaper during the off season. It is best to book all hotel reservations well in advance, especially for locations in and around the center of the old town. The region has consistently mild temperatures the majority of the year, which can make winter travels there a viable option.


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