Alabama, United States

Alabama is located in the southern area of the United States. Alabama, known as the “Heart of Dixie” is a beautiful historic state. Waterways in Alabama are so immense, they rank second in number of all US states. Alabama’s population falls right in the middle at the 23rd most populated state. Visitors to Alabama have a number of unique sites to explore.

Dauphin Island:
Dauphin Island is located 28 miles from Mobile, Alabama. Tourists looking for the ultimate in relaxation and ocean beauty will discover what they are looking for here. Dauphin Island is so fabulous that many tourists return year after year and many choose to become permanent citizens of the area. Tourists looking for boating or fishing tips need to search no further than the local store where residents happily advise on the best fishing areas around. Tourists seeking out cultural exhibits are able to visit the Dauphin Art Trail which presents an amazing array of regional and local art.

East End of Dauphin Island, Alabama, United StatesShoal Creek Golf Club:
Jack Nicholson designed the famed Shoal Creek Golf Club which is located just south of Birmingham, Alabama. The gold enthusiast will adore Shoal Creek. Eighteen holes of golf on a world renowned course is a golfer’s dream come true. Shoal Creek Golf Course has hosted one US Amateur Golf Championship and two PGA Championships.

The Sloss Furnaces:
Travelers who love all things industrial will be thrilled to visit Sloss Furnaces. The national landmark, located in Birmingham, is over 100 years old. The rustic yet majestic furnaces are a visual reminder of America’s factories heyday. Sloss is an 18 acre towering blast from the past. Self guided tours with signs, explain all the different materials and origins of use. The Sloss Furnaces will be a destination that no visitor will ever forget.

First White House of the Confederacy:
Mobile, Alabama is home to the first White House of the Confederacy. In 1861, the confederacy chose Jefferson Finis Davis as the Confederate president. A White House was needed for the new president and this house was chosen and approved by the provisional confederate congress. The White House of the Confederacy survived the Civil War but fell into disrepair. Extensive renovations were undertaken. Re-opening in 1921, the First White House of the Confederacy is open to visitors free of charge.

Alabama Shakespeare Festival:
Montgomery, Alabama hosts the sixth largest Shakespearean festival with over 400 performances every year. The massive English styled 100,000 square foot facility sits amid a 250 acre park that features a lovely lake. Shakespeare and other playwrights such as, MoliƩre, George Bernard Shaw, and Tennessee Williams are performed on a regular basis. Theater lovers will be enchanted by this place.

Alabama is a state with rich cultural history. Visitor’s have the opportunity to tour historical landmarks, beaches, and see the occasional oddity. Visiting the “Heart of Dixie’ is an experience a person will not soon forget.


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