Abbey Road, London

The city of London fascinates visitors each and every day. The incredible amount of history in the city can be felt with each step on the sidewalks in one of the cultural hubs in the world. Abbey Road, London particularly appeals to travelers due to the history, wonderful places to see, and the vibe of a bustling world metropolis. One visit to Abbey Road will engrave moments in your memory that will last a lifetime. The reasons to go to Abbey Road are easy to count and hard to forget.

Abbey Road breathed life into the 1969 album of the same name that was released by The Beatles. The iconic picture of the group walking across the zebra crosswalk is an image that most people are familiar with, as it was featured on the cover of the album. They walked on this crosswalk since it led directly to the recording studio where the album was created. Despite the fact that Abbey Road remains heavy with traffic, many people stop at the crosswalk each year to get their picture taken there in homage to The Beatles.
Pete, Abbey Road, London England
You could even take a tour of the Abbey Road Studios. The Beatles weren't the only band to make a name for themselves there. Pink Floyd became a worldwide sensation in the music industry at about the same time The Beatles did, and they made a lot of their music come to life at Abbey Road Studios. The street is surely a place where music lovers from all over the world pay tribute to their favorite bands and songs. Music makes people come alive like nothing else can, and the people that make their pilgrimage here to immerse themselves in the culture that influenced the bands rarely ever leave disappointed.

Once you get your fix from The Beatles at Abbey Road, you can easily take the short trip down to the London Zoo. People are surprised to know that the London Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world that was made for scientific purposes. A visitor can expect to enjoy a well-stocked zoo in excess of 755 species of animals. Over 17,000 individual animals roam the zoo in one way or another, and a prospective zoo lover will surely cherish every moment as they find fascinating animals at every turn. Abbey Road is an awe-inspiring place to visit in London due to the history, music culture, and beautiful layout that just screams nostalgia everywhere.


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