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April 1st, 2013 


Trujillo, Peru


 Located only 350 miles north of Lima, the capital of Peru, is Trujillo, the city of Eternal Spring, called such because of the pleasant year-round weather, warm and dry, without the fog found in other parts of Peru. The city has a rich and exciting history which was shaped by many cultures.

 Trujillo, Peru, is the capital of the La Libertad Region. The city was one of the first founded by Spanish Conquerors in North or South America. In 1537, it received city status. The city is located near four Chimu settlements to give the people the ability to rally against the Incan Empire.

 Just outside of the city, is the Chan-Chan Citadel, remnants of the Chimu Kingdom, which ruled in the area between 700 and 1400 AD. The Citadel was created with clay, mud, wood, reeds, straw and other materials to build chapels, temples, residencies, compounds and storehouses. Inside, the walls are engraved with images of fish and birds. The people also found ways to create and irrigate gardens.

 Located right on the sea, the Incans weren't the city's only threat. After the Spanish conquerors took over the city, they erected a wall to keep out Pirates and other intruders.

 In the early 1600's, an earthquake destroyed the Trujillo. They rebuilt palaces and other buildings and also opened a school for the Jesuits.

 Two hundred years later, Trujillo played a significant role in overthrowing Spanish rule and helping Peru become an independent nation - it was the first city in Peru to declare independence from Spain.

  Visitors can still see some of the historic monuments and visit archaeological sites that shaped the city's history. Some important sites available to the public include the Sun Temple and the Moon Temple. The mansion, Casa Urquiaga, former home of various Spanish royalty, is also open to tours. Part of the wall built by the Spanish upon their arrival is also still standing. Because of these and other important historical sites, much of the city has been designated as a World Heritage Site. Visitors who aren't interested in architecture and archaeology, can also find plenty to do.


 Visitors can enjoy some of beaches, which host surfing contests every year in march. Other water activities are also available. By the coast, local foods as they're traditionally prepared are still served.

The city also has several festivals that take place each year. The most famous is the Spring Festival, which began in the 1950s. It started as a beauty pageant and slowly added on additional grew in popularity and attractions. Now, visitors can watch bull fights, participate in horse races, observe artists at work and listen to concerts.

 Trujillo is a true center of ancient cultures and civilizations. Here, visitors can truly see what life was once like, while still enjoying modern life and fun.

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