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Long Island, Bahamas


 Long Island is generally accepted to be the most beautiful of the several islands that make up the Caribbean nation known as the Bahamas. World class beaches and stunning natural wonders aren't the only draw cards, furthermore, and the island also boasts a colorful history as well as a multitude of sporting activities and delicious local cuisine.

 Known variously as Yuma and Ferdinanda before finally claiming the New-York-like appellation Long Island, the isle crams a lot into its 173 square miles, and visitors will be delighted by both the plethora of excitingly engaging sports and the sheer diversity of its natural attractions. There's nothing to say that sports and outdoor wonders can't be combined, however, and tourists will have a tough time choosing between activities like spelunking in Deadman's Cay Caves, sailing in the island's world famous regatta or diving down Dean's Blue Hole, which, at 660 feet, is the deepest underwater sinkhole in the world.

Map of Long Island Bahamas Those who would rather prowl around historical buildings than expend energy scuba diving, fishing or windsurfing will not be disappointed with what Long Island has to offer, and highlights include the Columbus Monument that's perched on the rocky outcropping known - fittingly enough - as Columbus Point and St Mary's Anglican Church, which is thought to be the oldest Spanish church in the Bahamas. Also of interest would be the romantic ruins of Adderley's Plantation, which date back to at least 1790 and which lie in upscale Stella Maris, known for its first rate resort complexes, as well as the Long Island Library and Museum, which enchants visitors with its intriguing displays of Arawak Indian artifacts.

 Clarence Town may be the island's capital, but it is the sailing haven of Salt Pond, with its annual Long Island Regatta, that draws the most people to the isle. Clarence Town, although small, does sport a marina, however and is also situated fairly close to Deadman's Cay Airport, which features flights to and from Nassau, the country's capital. Nothing, however, can beat the Regatta, which is the second largest such race in the Bahamas, for sheer drawing power, and people come from all over the world to witness this event.


 Long Island doesn't have an extremely dense population - just under 3,000 in 2008 - and this lush jungled isle is thus particularly prized by those who wish to spend time in the Bahamas far from the maddening crowd. There are tourist amenities on the island, however, including several restaurants that are famous for serving traditional Bahamian cuisine like cracked conch, johnny cake and guava duff, as well as a five-star holiday resort or two.

 Like other Bahamian islands, the climate on Long Island varies between tropical and sub-tropical and, tourists would do well not to visit during the summer through autumn hurricane season. They are, however, welcome to visit during the other six months of the year when temperatures are moderate and the climate suits the jewel of the Caribbean that is Long Island.



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