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Inagua, Bahamas


 Inagua Bahamas are the southernmost islands of the Bahamas. The two islands in the Inaguas are Great Inagua and Little Inagua. Matthew Town is the only town on Great Inagua. Little Inagua is only inhabited by birds, donkeys and goats.

 The Inaguas are a prime spot for birdwatchers. More than 100 species of birds live on the islands including pink flamingos, herons and Bahamian parrots. Inagua National Park is a large sanctuary on Great Inagua where birdwatchers can see pelicans, ducks, egrets, spoonbills and many other species of birds. Windsor Lake, the largest lake in the Bahamas, is in the center of the sanctuary.

 Travelers can engage in many other outdoor activities besides birdwatching. The high temperature in the area ranges from about 74 degrees Fahrenheit in January to about 82 degrees Fahrenheit in August. This climate makes the Inaguas an ideal spot for water sports such as swimming and sailing. There are places nearby for snorkeling and diving. Coral formations and a variety of fish can be seen close to the shore.
Map of Inagua Bahamas

 Great Inagua also has attractions that will please history lovers. Inagua was settled in the 19th century and some of the buildings from that period still exist. The Inagua Lighthouse was built in 1870 and is still in operation. Visitors can see panoramic views of Great Inagua and the island of Cuba from the lighthouse. St. Philip’s Anglican Church was built in 1855 and the Old Colonial Jail was built in 1849.
Inagua Bahamas


 Another activity for visitors is touring the Morton Salt Works. This salt factory is one of North Americas biggest solar saline plants.

 Matthew Town is less than two miles from the Inagua Airport. There are several places to stay in the Matthew Town area. The Main House is a hotel in downtown with six rooms available for tourists. There are several guest houses that have a few rooms available for visitors.

 There are a few restaurants in Matthew Town. The Main House serves breakfast and lunch. Dinner is available from the Cozy Corner and the Last Stop. Travelers can also purchase food from the Inagua General Store.

 Travelers looking for a quiet place for a vacation will appreciate what Great Inagua has to offer. The island is quiet and peaceful. The beaches are plentiful and not crowded with tourists.

 People who want to observe many species of birds in their natural habitat or relax on a quiet beach will find the Inaguas Bahamas an ideal vacation spot.



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