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Bimini Island, Bahamas


 Bimini Island is actually two beautiful islands located in the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean. North Bimini Island and South Bimini Island connect via a shallow flat that is usually covered with water. This lovely paradise is located only fifty miles from Florida, and is home to some of the best game fishing in the world.

 Located on the edge of the Gulf Stream, Bimini is surrounded by blue waters that team with big game fish. These include marlin, swordfish, and tuna, and these feisty fish can really test the skills of a big game fisherman. Visit in the winter and you'll find mackerel and wahoo. The latter will give fishermen a fight to equal that of a sailfish, so they must make sure they are secure in their fighting chairs. Summer is the best time to hunt blue or white marlin, sailfish, and blue-fin tuna.

Map of Bimini Bahamas
If wreck fishing is preferred, then summer months offer the best opportunities for great catches. The water is calmest during these warm months—unless a hurricane kicks up—and the wrecks and reefs surrounding Bimini attract grouper, snapper and barracuda.

 But fishing isn’t the only pastime to enjoy in the Bimini area of the islands. Diving is a popular sport. Again, the wrecks and reefs are some of the main draws. Scuba divers will enjoy swimming among the fish that live in these lush environments. The Bimini Road also draws visitors. Reputed to be part of the fabled city of Atlantis, it is a mysterious structure that will inspire awe in those who swim over it.

 The blue waters of the Caribbean draw those who enjoy sailing, too. Cruising around the Bimini Islands reveals beautiful views of sky and sea, with playful dolphins racing alongside. Visitors often sail from one beach to another, enjoying afternoons and evenings onshore before retiring to their vessels for the night, only to start over with a sail the next morning. It’s a relaxing way to spend a vacation, and it's so close to the United States that East Coast sailing lovers can hardly resist it.


 There are plenty of shallow lagoons that offer visitors opportunities to snorkel or kayak. Either sport is a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon, and visitors will enjoy interacting with wild Atlantic Spotted-Dolphins and other exotic fish. Some of the best snorkeling sites in Bimini are the Bimini Road, the Sandy Cay Reef—where eagle rays and stingrays swim—and Rainbow Reef. At the latter spot, snorkelers will see the greatest concentration of fish in all of the Bahamas. It’s definitely a spectacular sight to see.

The Bimini Islands offer a vacation in paradise. Anyone who visits this lush paradise will want to return again and again.



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