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Iquitos, Peru


 A busy city, interesting modes of transportation, and the Peruvian rainforest are all sights one can expect to see when visiting Iquitos, Peru. Iquitos is the largest city in this part of the rainforest and is located on the Amazon River. As one would expect in this part of the world, Iquitos is known to have hot and humid climate.

 Iquitos is named for the native tribe known as the Iquitos that once lived there. It is thought that Jesuit missionaries settled there in the 1750’s, and it was established as a city and capital of the Loreto Region of Peru in 1864. From 1883 to 1912 Iquitos was a major source of rubber, which brought a lot of wealth to the city. This city is currently the busiest Amazon port in Peru. There are quite a few interesting aspects of this city.

 There are no roads connecting Iquitos to other cities. Travelers must reach the city by plane or by boat. Boats are very important to travel in Iquitos. Although there are a few cars and motorcycles within the city, the most common type of transportation is the motocar, also known as an auto rickshaw. These are three wheeled motorized vehicles.

Plaza de Armas Iquitos Peru

 One thing that sets Iquitos, Peru apart from most other cities is that the people are known to be very friendly. The overall mood of the city is relaxed and there is relatively little violent crime for a city this size. Holiday celebrations and parties are often going on in this fun-loving city. The pleasant attitude of this city makes it a very welcoming place for visitors.


 Tourism in Iquitos has become increasingly popular. This city is especially interesting for eco-tourists. Being surrounded by the rivers and rainforest make this city a great place to observe a variety of flora and fauna. This city is also home to various research projects that are studying the native wildlife. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve offers guided tours that can be set up through lodgings located near the reserve. Many people also enjoy touring the rainforest by boat or canoe. Tourists may also visit and shop in the open air market located in the Belen neighborhood of the city. These are just a few of the activities that tourists may enjoy. The main language spoken in Iquitos is Spanish. Travelers may want to learn a little Spanish to make their trip easier, although there are plenty of guides and people that speak English.



 Iquitos is an important city both for Peru and for travelers wanting to explore the Amazon. Tourists must be prepared for the heat and humidity of the rainforest, but overall most people find this city to be a pleasant place. The friendly people, various modes of transportation, and the rainforest make Iquitos a fascinating place to visit.

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