Uvita is a wonderful tropical destination. In the late 1400s and early 1500s, Spain colonized Costa Rica, but civilization dates back to pre-recorded history with the indigenous people. Under foreign rule, the country was considered poor because it had no gold and silver, but little did they know of its natural resources. September 15, 1821 became Costa Rica’s Independence Day. Then, the country started exporting coffee and bananas. Today, the island country is rich in natural resources and beauty, and cities like Uvita are wonderful tropical destinations with many attractions for visitors to enjoy.
Coastline Uvita, Southern Pacific Costa RicaUtiva is just 10 miles down the coast from Dominical on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast. Travelers to Uvita will find several hotels, guesthouses and lodges are available offering reasonable rates on accommodations in the Uvita area.
Getting to Uvita is made easy, driving or taking a bus, one has two options. The first is to head out of San Jose to Quepos and then Dominical, the second is to come inland to San Isidro de El General and then head south to the coast. Another option is for travelers to fly from San Jose to Palmer Sur Airport and then drive up the coast to Uvita.
Ballena Marine National Park – Uvita is located in this park. Ballena Marine National Parkhas some of the best beaches in Costa Rica. The spectacular scenery enhances the experience of relaxing on the sands and engaging in water sports and boating. Then, snorkeling and diving trips explore the fantastic marine habitats. From December through March, Humpback Whales are in the coastal waters.Coffee Plantations- Nearby coffee plantations are open for tours. People can enjoy walking among the coffee bushes and seeing how the coffee is prepared for marketing.Horseback Riding – On an animal farm near Uvita horseback riding is available. This farm and the property surrounding it have a wonderful collection of cows, monkeys and other animals.

Jungle Treks – The jungle is a true eco-adventure site. People can trek with a local guide to see beautiful streams as well as amazing native plants, animals and birds.

Surf Lessons – The surf is great off the coast of Uvita. For those who would like to learn how to surf or wish to learn more tricks of the sport can take lessons from experts.

Waterfalls – Waterfalls are found all over Costa Rica. Venturing on jungle paths often include seeing several falls. A large falls with pools for swimming is found in the canyon not far outside the city. Signs on the main road lead the way to the waterfall.

With so much to see and do around Uvita, visits to this paradise quickly pass. The friendly people, fresh food markets and many dining possibilities for any budget make strolling through the beach town a pleasant experience. Then, touring the coast, jungle forest and mango wetlands gives the chance to learn about the wildlife that lives in Costa Rica as well as the local efforts taken for nature conservation.

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