Quepos is a magnificent town located in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica. Located just 100 miles from the capital of San Jose, Quepos is still a small and traditional town. Although tourism has become a significant industry for the town, several efforts have been made to keep its small size and quiet charms, rather than letting it become another Central American resort town. Its largest attraction is its proximity to the Manuel Antonio National Park, and most visitors staying in Quepos also plan to visit the park.

Quepos has a fascinating history. In the colonial era, a group of native indigenous indians resided in the area we now known as Quepos. The indians were called Quepo, which is how the town received it’s name. Today, a small piece of the original city walls can be found, reminding visitors of the colonial past.

Waterfront, Quepos, Central Pacific, Costa RicaIt is without a doubt that the main attraction in the town of Quepos is the Manuel Antonio National Park, located just a few kilometers away. At 682 hectares in size, it is one of Costa Rica’s smallest National Parks. However, it is also one of the most beautiful and most popular. Hiking is a popular pastime in the area, as well as relaxing at one of the stunning beaches within the park. In an effort to protect the area and prevent overcrowding from increased tourism, the government has limited the park’s capacity to 600 people at a time, which increases to 800 on the weekends. This means that visitors who want to visit the National Park should get there early to guarantee their entry, or risk waiting for someone else to leave or simply being turned away.

Main Street, Quepos, Central Pacific, Costa RicaA prime section of the tourism industry within Qeupos revolves around the ocean, and various recreational sea activities. Surfing lessons are provided to novices, as well as equipment rental for things like rafting and kayaking. Snorkeling is a common pastime in the pristine waters, and SCUBA instructors abound to lead groups of divers deep into the stunning blue ocean. Fishing tours are advertised throughout the town, and Quepos is known for its plethora of deep sea fish, including Pacific Sailfish and Marlin. Several Americans have retired to Quepos with their boats, providing charters for groups or individuals and guaranteeing a catch.

The climate in Quepos is certainly tropical, with relatively high humidity year round. The dry season is from December to March, and the wettest time of year is in September and October. Although the weather may not be enjoyable for hiking, it is the time when the green plants are most vibrant and beautiful, and many of the mountain hikes are deserted, granting you privacy and seclusion.

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