Puerto Caldera

 A beach resort town on the western coast of Costa Rica, Puerto Caldera is a cruise ship destination in the beautiful Gulf of Nicoya. The country of Costa Rica lies between the other Central American countries of Nicaragua and Panama, and it is a land with an eco-friendly government that protects its natural resources. Costa Rica has rainforests, wildlife and a rich indigenous and colonial history. The town of Puerto Caldera has shops, restaurants and entertainment for visitors. Besides being a welcoming port town, the area has beaches for surfing and other water sports, wildlife watching opportunities and nearby national parks.

Puerto Caldera, Central Pacific, Costa RicaPuerto Caldera is important to the economy of this small country, openhearted to travelers from around the globe and encouraging them to explore the wonders of Costa Rica. The name of the country means “rich coast.” Port areas like Puerto Caldera help to enrich the coast, but it is the natural setting and environment with wildlife in the waters and the nearby cloud forests and rain forests that makes the coastline wealthy.

Then, the history and culture of the region also make the west coast wealthy. Before the conquistadors from Spain moved into the area, the Nicoya Peninsula was inhabited by Nahuatl people, and other nations lived inland. The cuisine today is much as it has been through the centuries, a simple diet using local ingredients like fresh fruit as well as rice and beans, beef, poultry and seafood. The flavors are mild.

When it comes to hotels and places to stay, the town has a highly rated hotel, Costa del Sol Restaurante & Hotel. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and a bountiful breakfast buffet is served with local foods. The restaurant also provides delicious lunches and dinners. Other accommodations are found nearby in the towns of Orotina and San Ramon.

A true tropical paradise, Puerto Caldera offers a great getaway destination. The climate is definitely tropical as the country lies only around ten degrees north from the Equator. The two seasons are the dry that lasts from December to April and the wet season lasting during the other seven months of the year. Carara National Park is the closest national park, but five other parks are within drives of about two hours. Water sports and boat trips around the gulf are only a few of the great ways to experience Costa Rica around Puerto Caldera.

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