Playa Bejuco

Surrounded by farmland, sand and palm trees, Playa Bejuca is an ideal location for those seeking a more solitary spot to relax. Located in the Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica, Playa Bejuco is small but represents a large picture of typical life in this tropical paradise. Loved by surfers, Playa Bejuco is known for quality waves and has earned a Blue Flag award for it’s clean beaches. Best for the experienced surfer, waves can reach 16 feet during high tide. For those who want an area free of large resorts, noise and population, Playa Bejuca is becoming a major destination throughout the entire year.

Playa Bejuco, Costa RicaOffering simple, yet enjoyable activities for the whole family, the area is also famous for bountiful shells. clean water and superb sunsets. Named by Spaniard Gil Gonzalez, Costa Rica means, “Rich Coast.” Not long after being colonized by the Spanish, the original inhabitants contacted smallpox which wiped out thousands. Largely unpopular as a prosperous area, Costa Rica offered few easily obtained resources although gold was presented to Christopher Columbus when he arrived in 1502. As a result, adventurers seeking their fortunes were greeted by unfriendly inhabitants and disease. Later, small settlements found that tobacco and wheat were profitable as exports.

Today, Playa Bejuco is primarily a fishing and agricultural village. Although it is off the beaten path, there are tours and activities offered by the locals and in surrounding towns and villages. Plan a tour with a local fisherman to experience everyday life firsthand. Visit one of the most active volcanos in the world. On any given day or evening, watch as lava spews from Arenal Volcano at Arenal Volcano National Park and Hot Springs. For a canopy tour and glimpses of monkeys, ocelots and jaguars, the Los Angeles Cloud Forest will bring guests past waterfalls and natural swimming pools. Canopy tours lend a different view from abovethe forest using cables between 7 platforms.

At the end of the day, visitors will appreciate the quiet and natural beauty of Playa Bejuco while watching the sunset from the warm sand. Offering 2 choices for accommodations, visitors to Playa Bejuco will find friendly service and peaceful surroundings.

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