Costa Rica is a country filled with fascinating and lively towns and cities to visit. Even outside of its main cities, Costa Rica offers a wide array of interesting places to visit. One of these hidden gems is the picturesque village of Paquera. Off the beaten path for most travelers, Paquera is still known for its rustic charm and beautiful natural scenery.

Paquera is located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The village has a warm, sunny climate year round and is home to many great restaurants, shops and beaches.



Ferry Boat Dock, Paquera, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa RicaThe village of Paquera, while small, still offers much to do and see. Visitors here can take in the sun at one of the Nicoya Peninsula’s world-class beaches nearby and go for a swim in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Snorkeling is another fun activity to do here, as the coastline is home to a wide variety of marine animals and plant life. Visitors can also go horseback riding and take in the beautiful scenery first-hand. Kayaking and boating are other great recreational activities as well. The village also offers many great sightseeing opportunities, including its beaches and nearby forests and mountains. The exotic flora and fauna of the region are major sightseeing draws all by themselves. Paquera is also known to have some of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Costa Rica.

Paquera boasts a number of amenities for travelers as well. The village is home to a number of shops and restaurants and also an Internet café, taxi stand and gas station. The village is a regional travel hub and home to a ferry terminal to the city of Puntarenas as well as bus service to the cities of Montezuma and Tambor and the beautiful beaches of Mal Pais.

The region around Paquera is also worth a visit. Here, visitors will find the bustling city of Montezuma as well as the stunning Mal Pais beach. The idyllic seaside towns of Santa Teresa and Samara offer great surfing as well as a number of shops, restaurants and hotels.

With its rustic charm and beautiful setting along the coast of Costa Rica, the village of Paquera is definitely a place to check out.

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