Manzanillo, Caribbean, Costa Rica

Manzanillo, Caribbean Costa Rica is a tiny fishing village residing within the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife and Marine Refuge. Manzinillo is part of the awe inspiring cost of the Caribbean. This idyllic village is best known for gorgeous white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees.

Manzinillo is just a short drive from San Jose. Boasting unmatched weather year round, this quiet little village hosts only a small number of tourists yearly. Tradition and customs are a daily part of Mazinillo life offering friendly faces and delectable cuisine to its tourists. Manzinillo is the ideal location for a low key and tranquil vacation spot.Manzinillo received its name after the ancient tree that grew in the center of the village until the late 1940′s. Manzanillo offer locals and travelers lovely markets to shop and dine. Restaurants serve a bounty from the ocean depths with seafood that is the most delectable in the country. This tiny village is renowned for its seafood cuisine.Manzanillo Coast, Caribbean, Costa RicaManzinillo, Costa Rica has an astonishing array of beautiful accommodations for the vacationer. Small hotels and resorts dot the lovely little village. Traveler’s will wish to take part in snorkeling and swimming among the reefs. Scuba diver enthusiasts will be gratified to witness all the underwater beauty that Manzinillo has to offer. Dolphin tours are readily available for vacationers to watch any of the different species of dolphins that call the coastline home.

Avid fishers will appreciate all of the fishing opportunities available in Manzinilllo. Charter fishing trips are available on an almost daily basis allowing fishers to have the guided fishing trip of their dreams. Small charter boats are available for rental to travelers wishing to explore the sea and fish quietly among the waters of Manzinillo. Nature enthusiasts are able to hike to Monkey Point. Hikers will be able to observe some of Costa Rica’s native monkeys in their natural habitat and surroundings. Monkey Point is a trip of a lifetime. Locals believe that Monkey Point was named by Christopher Columbus after discovering the area during his expeditions. Tropical jungles are on the village edge for locals and travelers to explore and discover.

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