Limon, Costa Rica

With the setting of hammering breakers, and primeval rainforests, Costa Rica Caribbean’s coast is a place for beach goers to enjoy. This part of Costa Rica, set off from the rest of the nation, provides visitors with beautiful white sandy beaches with rows of coconut trees. This area has diverse geography with rainforests that stretch from the beaches inland. The north has marshy lagoons and the Talamanca Mountains are on the south.

The Costa Rican coast extends 125 mile between Nicaragua and Panama with the total area being within Limon province. Christopher Columbus was the first to discover the locale when arriving in 1502. This part of Costa Rica has fewer visitors than the rest of the country.

Sae Turtle, Tortuguero, Limon, Costa RicaThe climate is tropical with hot and humid weather. The region has Costa Rica’s highest rainfall totals, with most of the heavy showers between both May and August and then December and January.

Limon is one of the most verdant areas of Costa Rica. Visitors will find many opportunities for water sports such as exceptional diving, surfing in the amazing waves, and sport fishing when the weather is favorable.

Limon is the locale of Tortuguero National Park known for its nesting turtles and Cahuita National Park. The last indigenous native tribes, the Bribri, Cocles, and Talamanca Cabecary villages are in Limon.

Visitors can get to Puerto Limon, capital of the Limon Province, by driving from San Jose. Take Highway 32, also called the Guapiles Highway that joins Limon Province with the rest of Costa Rica.

Puerto Limon was a banana port, but has become a center of Costa Rica’s Afro-Caribbean society. The carnival turns Puerto Limon into a lively party.
Visiting Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and Manzanillo gives tourists a view of life in Limon.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, on the Caribbean, is a center for beach fanatics. It is identified with beaches, crystal blue water and surfing. It is turning into one of Costa Rica’s leading tourist towns primarily with surfers.
Puerto Viejo is 30 miles to the south east of Puerto Limon and ten miles south of Cahuita.

Manzanillo is a small fishing village found within the Gandaco-Manzanillo Wildlife and Marine Refuge and is south of Puerto Viejo. It is on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast and is south of Puerto Limon. The key feature of the village is the white beaches with palm trees.

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