South Australia

South Australia lies in the south central region of the country and features terrains that range from the hot, arid desert outback to the thickly forested cliffs and islands along the coast. The southern coast also offers the chance to visit popular and secluded beaches. The region is a nature lover’s paradise between botanical gardens, caves and numerous National Parks. The capital city of Adelaide is large enough to offer many big city attractions, but small enough in geographical size that travelling from one end to the other takes less than half an hour.

The rugged Australian outback attracts many who curiously seek an adventure. The Coorong National Park features sand dunes and salt pans, along with an amazing array of wildlife. Bird watching enthusiasts especially like the park, as it serves as home to over 200 species of birds. Visitors also see amphibians, mammals and reptiles in their own environment. The park additionally has hundreds of species of flowering plants and ferns. The Outback also features the Umoona Opal Mine and Museum. Mining remains a large industry in the area and this location allows visitors the chance to experience first hand this type of industry. Employees provide opal cutting demonstrations and exhibits feature various versions of the stone, along with opal jewellery. The museum also tells the story of the Aboriginal and European cultures.
Coastline, Robe, South Australia
Located less than 30 minutes from Adelaide, the coast boasts five separate beaches, having white sand and crystal clear waters suitable for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving, in addition to other popular water sports. On the southern point of Yorke Peninsula, Innes National Park has secluded bays and coves, while Pondalowie Bay features a historic mining site and the ruins of a Victorian ship. Glenelg Beach has cafes, restaurants and bars with numerous shopping opportunities nearby. Coastal locations also offer the opportunity for viewing dolphins, penguins and whales.

The region is also famous for agriculture, which includes wineries, allowing visitors the chance to visit any number of local wineries that have been established for centuries. The Wine Discovery and Journey Centre in Adelaide offers the chance to learn incredible facts concerning what makes a world class wine. The city has a number of galleries, museums and the beautiful botanical gardens. Next door to the gardens, animal lovers find the local zoo, which houses the only pandas in the country. There is no lack of places to eat in Adelaide, as the city has over 100 restaurants featuring cuisines from around the world.