Northern Territory, Australia

The sparsely-populated federal territory situated in the center of Australia became the Northern Territory, Australia in 1911. Darwin, its capital city, has a meager population of only 127.000, and, yet, it is the largest city in the Northern Territory. Abundant in history, Aboriginal culture, and fun, the Northern Territory has something to offer every visitor.

Northern Territory travelers on holidays arrive as hikers and backpackers, fishermen, campers, and family groups wanting to attend the many ongoing festivals. Endless possibilities exist for the adventurous visitor. Hiking trails, cliffs beckoning the climber, and water holes for swimming provide scenic outdoor expeditions and breath-taking sightseeing tours.Ayer's Rock, Uluru, Northern Territory Australia

Larapinta Trail is one of the most well-known trails in the Northern Territory. Only advanced hikers are advised to venture this trail without a knowledgeable guide. Guided tours are available for the novice hiker who wants to experience the challenge and grandeur of this natural environment.
Serious hikers also venture through the Katherine George National Park as part of a five day hike along the Jatbula Trail. Rainforest terrain and steep gorges offer a severe challenge even to the skilled hiker.
If you’re not a hiker, guided tours of the Northern Territory travel to the Aboriginal centers to observe the numerous learning exhibitions. These demonstrations can include basket weaving, rock art, hunting methods of the Aboriginal, and cultural music and its instruments.

Katherine George National Park, Northern Territory, AustraliaAccommodations from camping to hotels are also available for a comfortable and hospitable stay while attending the many year-round Aboriginal festivals.
Some National Parks house the numerous crocodiles which have lived in the Northern Territory for millions of years. Of course, no one should attempt to approach them at any time.

The Outback of the Northern Territory offers spectacular scenery and fun activities. The Lassiter Cup is a popular festival with visitors. Riders on camels race to the finish line with loud rooting and applause from the spectators. The historical museums provide cultural history and Aboriginal artifacts for the curious and scientific-minded.

Novice and experienced fishermen come from all corners of the world to enjoy the reef and estuary fishing that the Northern Territory provides. Guides are also available for sport fishing.

A trip to the Northern Territory of Australia offers adventure, enjoyment of a different culture, and lots of fun. The gained knowledge and memories will last a lifetime.