Virginia,United States

There are many attractions throughout the state of Virginia, both historical and natural attractions. Traveling in Virginia definitely brings home the Colonial history of this great country, where Jamestown was the first English settlement to be established in 1607, and slavery was introduced into Virginia in 1619. There have been a total of eight Presidents born in the State of Virginia. George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon is toured by thousands each year, as is the home of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Williamsburg is the restored Colonial Capital that is uniquely presented in the ways of an earlier day and time. Traveling to Williamsburg today creates a true sense of going back into the past.

Great Falls VirginiaThe surrender that ended the American Revolution took place at Yorktown, VA; the surrender that ended the Civil War was at Appomattox, VA. Virginia is certainly filled with a sense of history, with many historical attractions to entice any interested traveler. Richmond, the capital of today was also the Capital of the Confederacy.

Many hours can be spent in Museums, Olde-fashioned Shoppes and leisurely talking to people in the Cafes of Olde. Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia and a vast array of beachcombers and sunbathers are drawn to its shores each year. Everywhere that you look, you will see a dogwood tree, the State symbol. The weather is conducive for its cultivation, and the dogwood is prolific throughout the State. The dogwood tree adds to Virginia’s authenticity and its great beauty.

Virginia sits in the Blue Ridge Range which is a part of the great Appalachian Chain of Mountains. The low level tidewater area of the shore moves into a gradual slope called the Piedmont. From there, moving west the Blue Ridge Range of the Appalachians is met, and many State forests and many more State parks can be discovered. In the middle of the Blue Ridge, you will discover rolling hills and the Shenandoah Valley.

Dotted through all of the towns are stately manors and also log cabins. Virginia is unique in what it has to offer the traveler. If you are a beachcomber, or an historian or possibly a hiker who loves nature, there is something for you in the State of Virginia.