New York City, The Statue of Liberty


 The most popular and famous tourist attraction in New York City, the Statue of Liberty is a sprawling monument to American principles of freedom and justice. The Statue of Liberty, an icon of freedom and a symbol of American virtues, remains as the not to be missed site in New York to this day.

The statue was first created by French law professor and politician Edouard Rene de Labiulaye to commemorate and honor American independence. The statue began construction in France in the early 1870s, and was shipped to America for assembly before its public unveiling in 1886.

The Statue of Liberty island in New York City, United StatesThe statue has become one of the world’s most visited and beloved tourist attraction. The statue receives over 3 million visitors annually is a free attraction.

There are several reasons a trip to the Statue of Liberty will be absolutely unforgettable. The statue itself is a paradigm of 19th century architectural feats, and is widely celebrated as a beautiful artistic attraction. The statue has also become a symbol of democracy, liberty, and freedom and is widely associated with America’s independence. The fascinating historical significance of the statue is proudly on display within Ellis Island, the location of the Statue of Liberty. The stunning view from the top of the statue is a much-coveted sight, and travelers from across the globe come to New York to experience the breathtaking sights from the top of the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty is a ferry ride away from New York City. One must expect to pay a fee for the ferry, as no private boats are allowed to dock on Ellis Island. While the statue and base are currently closed for renovation, the tickets for entering the actual statue must be purchased in harmony with the ferry tickets. Special tickets for entering the crown, the highest point with the most sought after views on the statue, must be secured up to a year in advance. The large demand for trips to the crown derives from its stunning view and its illustrious reputation.

For those going up to the crown, reservations should be made many months in advance. If you plan to rent an apartment for days in New York, make your reservation for visiting the crown at the same time. The climbers are allowed medication, cameras, and water for their trip up to the top of the Statue of Liberty. The stunning view makes the slightly strenuous ascent all the more memorable.

The Statue of Liberty offers a wealth of knowledge pertaining to American liberty and freedom, along with a massive artistic work well renown within the artistic community. The statue offers top-notch views if the surround water, and is a celebrated landmark that all should attempt to visit within their lifetime.


Times Square, New York City

Taking a trip to New York City for a week or just a day, Times Square, New York City is one of the most popular attractions in the world. Many people refer to it as the center of the universe. If that doesn’t sell you, then perhaps nothing will. The best part about Times Square is the lights. This might be obvious to most, but what most people don’t know is the best way to experience the lights.

Times Square at Dusk, New York CityStaying in a New York apartment or Hotel? The best time to visit Times Squrae is at dusk. This is when the day turns to night and the lights transform the scene. If you’re a photographer or if you like to film, then this is one of the best opportunities you will find anywhere. Keep in mind that Times Square is busy at all times. However, during a weekday there are more businesspeople than anything else. At night, it’s all about tourists going to the theater. During the weekend, it’s most tourists day and night, but contrary to popular belief, there’s plenty of room to roam. You will also find more street performers on the weekends. These performers include dancers, singers, musicians and pretty much anything else you can imagine. The most important note of all is that Times Square has been cleaned up to an incredible degree over the past ten years. The seediness has been run off by police and it’s now a clean and safe place to visit.

Times Square New York CityThe first thing many people might notice while visiting Times Square is the shopping. You can find everything from discount novelty stores to high-end apparel stores. The discount stores are often small and offer a lot of character. The higher end stores are enormous – often two floors – and are extremely spacious. If you go during the week, then you should be able to find some great deals. Since the crowds are always massive on the weekends, they don’t offer as many discounts.

The dining options here are numerous. However, most of them are chain restaurants that fall into the casual dining category. For a more unique experience, eat at one of the restaurants on the side streets near the theaters. Also consider visiting the wax museum. This is a lot of fun and surprisingly affordable. If you’re going to see a show, consider Wicked first, especially if there is at least one male in your party. Both men and women tend to love Wicked. If you’re traveling with kids, see The Lion King.

Even if you have no plan at all, you will still enjoy Times Square. Just take a sroll from your hotel or apartments in New York and enjoy the energy, lights and people that make Times Square the liveliest place on earth.